12 Things You Need To Tell Yourself Every Day To Live A Better Life

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How To Build Your Self-Esteem Up By Telling Yourself These 12 Things

Many of us have the tendency to rely on external forces to feel fulfilled or feel good enough. I am here to tell you that you are the only person capable of defining yourself and your worth.

If you want to know how to build your self-esteem up, start telling yourself these 12 things every day:

1. "I am good enough."

Because even though you may not believe it today, you will always be good enough. The more you say it, the more you'll believe it until it's an unconscious thought.

2. "I am worth it."

You always have been. You are worth so much to those who are in your life. Your worth isn't defined by a man or woman. If people have done you wrong, that is not a statement of your worth. There are just shitty people in the world.

3. "I am going to try and be a better me today."

This can be holding a door for another person or simply smiling at another acknowledging their presence. If you strive to make a conscious effort to be a better you today than yesterday, you've already won.

4. "Don't lose focus."

Tell yourself this. Every single day. Put it on repeat. You need to stay focused on what your end goal is. Stick to your plan. No matter how small or big your goals are for the day, keep your mind on the prize.

5. "The sun will shine again, if not today."

You're going to have bad days. Some days will be better or worse than others. But I promise you that it is temporary. It will pass and the sun will come out again.

6. "I am strong."

The strength is within you. You just have to find it and pull it out. You will conquer and overcome things you once thought were unbearable.

7. "I can't control others but I can control the way I respond and react to other people's behavior."

Let's face it, there are good and bad people in everywhere. We can't control anyone's behavior but we certainly don't have to respond or react to them. Just take a deep breath and carry on.

8. "I am beautiful."

You are beautiful inside and out. You give purpose and meaning to life and you need to embrace your beauty. You need to know your beauty before anyone is deserving of it.

9. "I will be more self-aware."

We all can use more self-awareness. For today, it can be that you're going to be more aware of where you're walking s you don't hurt yourself or someone else. This becomes key to understanding your environment and those around you. It will help you deal with the not-so-great people in the world.

10. "I'm not broken."

You never were broken. You can't be broken if you've never fully developed your sense of self. You're simply enhancing your sense of self and aligning it with the core of who you are.

11. "I am deserving."

You deserve happiness, joy, love, and honesty from those you choose to have in your life. Don't settle for any less. Continually tell yourself this throughout each and every day. It will become second nature.

12. "The past is my foundation on which I am restructuring and rebuilding myself and my life."

Your past isn't a pile of failures building up. The past should serve a positive purpose in your life. The past does not define you. But it can provide insight into what you want and don't want. Your past serves as a purpose and a guide on your journey throughout life. It helps you become who you want to be.

We need to stop being so negative in our thinking. We also need to cut ourselves some slack and stop being so hard on ourselves.

This is your life. You are the narrator of your story. Treasure it and don't put it in the hands of someone else. If you continue relying on others to prove your importance or worth, you will never fully be content and at peace in your life.

You owe it to yourself to enhance who you are and be good to yourself. Tell yourself these things everyday and you will notice a positive difference both physically and mentally. I can almost guarantee it.