'I Believe In Abundance': Using Affirmations For Personal Growth

"I easily and effortlessly accept money into my life in expected and unexpected ways."

Personal Development Coach: Accept Abundance With Affirmations

Why is it that we typically have the hardest time talking to our significant other about money, budgets and spending? It would seem simple enough to just live within your means and let it be done. However, there is always an infomercial, big sale, or irresistible item that gets in the way of sticking to the budget. 

Many couples don't openly talk about money. The subject may be less scary when the relationship is new and budgets are separate. But once things become more serious, the subject of money becomes more of a stress.


3 Simple Ways To Change Your Relationship With Money

1. Discover Your Money Story
What is your oldest memory of conversations around money? Take yourself back as far as you can and make a note about your first recollection of money. Did it sound something like "Money does not grow on trees!", "We cannot afford that now", or "You have to work hard to get money"?

Does any of that sound familiar? What is your personal money story?  It may not be something that you are truly aware of, but from today forward I want you to begin the simple practice of noticing what you tell yourself about money, and how what you say could be connected with what you heard as a child or young adult surrounding conversations about money, abundance, and/or prosperity.


When you begin to take charge your money story, you will begin to look at paying your bills differently and sharing money conversations with your partner differently. You will begin to look at money as just another piece of energy in this universe — not some commodity that throws you into a downward spiral of worry and anxiety.

Wouldn't that feel like a weight has lifted? To achieve it, you must begin to think differently about money. If your thoughts about money are clouded by scarcity, hard work and lack, you must break through those thoughts in order to have a "wealthy mind set".  Believe that you are worthy of as much abundance, prosperity, and money that you need and want to have the life you want. It may not be happening right now, but believing it will someday helps manifest it. You must get yourself away from victim-based thinking surrounding money and move into a more positive mindset. Conversations about money will also, in turn, have a more positive tone.

2. Operation Affirmation. 
So now that you're beginning to get the idea of what thoughts can do to you, let's explore the next step to awakening the sleeping "abundance giant" you have in you. We'll use affirmations to make it happen — like to call the process "Operation Affirmation". One of the most effective, fastest ways to start change in your life, no matter where you are looking for the change, is to begin an Affirmation Practice.

What does that look like? The first thing to do is acquire some good, solid affirmations, and keep it simple in the beginning. Do you ever notice that the more you think about something, the more apt it is to happen? Ever start predicting as you come home from work what the conversation with your partner will be when you get there? If you start to think about the argument you had the evening before or the disagreement you had in the morning before work, you will bring that energy with you and could possibly pick up right where you left off. However, if you start to think about something fun that you would like to do or talk about, the energy you bring home is quite different — and the chances for an argument will be much less likely. 


That, my friends, is how this universe works, and it works in terms of your finances, too. Put good thoughts out there — abundant, prosperous thoughts. Not only will it make your all-around outlook on life better, it will also begin to attract understanding and love. Who wants to be involved with someone who is living in a life surrounded by thoughts of lack and need; of difficulty and struggle? I would much prefer to be involved with someone who always sees the bright side, and the glass half-full.

Here's an affirmation to get you started: "I easily and effortlessly accept money into my life in expected and unexpected ways." Recite it, write it, and begin a 40 day protocol of affirmation writing. I promise it will make a difference.

3. Be Consistent. 
Promise yourselves that you will be consistent with intentionally thinking differently about your finances. As I explained earlier, it takes diligent effort to begin a new brain pattern. The old pattern never completely goes away, so it takes effort on your part to not only start the new brain pattern but to be consistent in keeping that mindset. Keep those new thoughts forefront until they become the habit, and the old brain pattern becomes dormant.

Being abundant and living in wealth-consciousness will take some deliberately creative thinking on your part, but it will consistently become easier with time and your serious effort. In the beginning, it will be a new habit you are forming — something to be excited about, something that others in your life will notice as they see your energy change. People around you and the universe will notice it, I promise, as long as you are deliberate in the change you want to experience... and as long as you believe in yourself.


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