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Like you, I've been duped by people I loved and thought I could trust. I know what it's like to constantly be on guard, watching out for who's lying to you. I've felt that loneliness and I know that drive to find people who really care about you. I learned along the way that you can develop authentic, loving relationships if you know what to look for in yourself and others. When you've been hurt, the natural instinct is to pull away and stay detached. I'm telling you that's the wrong approach to love. You can't get close to something that you keep out of reach. Love takes vulnerability, openness, trust and forgiveness. 

As a body language and lie detection expert, I help you understand love, your partners and yourself so you can create the love you want. I help you see the silent messages your partner shows to connect with you and those hot spots that your heart is at risk. No matter what love will be the best risk you take in life. 

I'm in the people reading business and I break down the complexities of human behavior to help you succeed in love. I'm an internationally recognized body language expert. I've shared my expertise on a variety of media platforms such as HLN's Dr. Drew On-Call, Dr. Oz, TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN, CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC affiliates as well as radio shows and blog talk radio programs across the nation. I've been quoted in the New York Daily News, The Root, Cosmopolitan, RedBook, Real Simple, Goodhouse Keeping, Inquisitor, Daily Mail, Intouch, Elle, Marie Claire, Elite Daily magazines.

With my psychology background from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and North Carolina State University along with my training with national and international body language and detecting deception experts, I can help you make authentic emotional connections that will last a lifetime. 

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