5 Tips To Revive Your Ecstasy

Your normal routine may be the reason you've lost you ecstasy. Learn how to get it back.


In the palms of your hands, the fleshy mount at the base of your thumb is the Mount of Venus. Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, was known as Aphrodite in the Greek pantheon. Aphrodite means "foam born" as she emerged from the foam of the sea. The child of her father, Uranus, castrated genitals. She is the archetype of passionate expression, sexuality, femininity, beauty and ecstasy.

In reading thousands of hands, I have found that both men and women are often Venus deprived. Here are some common symptoms of "Venus deprivation:"

  • The inability to remember what "play" means.
  • The inability to remember the last time you played.
  • Engaging in excessive task-oriented work with few breaks or sufficient rest.
  • Last vacation occurred when the Bay City Rollers were working their way up the pop charts.
  • Persistent crankiness, irritation or numbness.
  • When you laugh out loud, the sound startles you.
  • Regularly dressing in dark colors.
  • Issues of adornment, which could include: lack of an attractive haircut, flattering make up, manicured nails or jewelry that you love. Living in sweat pants and baggy tee shirts, persistent desire to wear ugly, "comfortable" shoes, wearing a fanny pack (only suitable for hiking!) or any pair of "mom jeans" with an elasticized waist.
  • You're upset I slammed on "comfortable" shoes.

I want to help you get your Venus back and that means allowing the concept of ecstasy into your life. Ecstasy is fleeting and precious. It happens in moments of abandon and thus, it requires us to be fully present to each moment, for each moment holds the seed of ecstasy within it.


Perhaps these tips will help you revive your ecstasy. They are the same tips I used to recover my Aphrodite when she'd disappeared from my life.

Ecstasy Tip #1: Embrace Fun

Fun is not a four-letter word. Fun is feeling unleashed now. If you've forgotten what fun is, here are some simple, low-cost ways to get your groove back:

  • Take your morning brew out on the porch or patio and write about anything for 20 minutes in your journal.
  • Go for a walk and see how many animals you can spot.
  • Lay on your bed and listen to a record album while reading the liner notes and lyrics.
  • Bake cupcakes with purple frosting.
  • Take your kids, nieces, nephews or cousins to the park for a picnic — on a weekday!
  • Hold a concert at your house for a local musical act and invite all your neighbors.
  • Organize the neighborhood block party.
  • Decide on Friday afternoon that you're going to have a potluck dinner Friday night and invite all the neighbors you actually like.
  • Clean out your car and worst-offender closet while listening to your favorite music on your I-Pod, give all the good stuff to Goodwill (recycle or toss the rest!) and go buy yourself something you've been wanting for a while.
  • Go dancing, take a pottery class or call an old friend and talk for hours.
  • Take up surfing, belly dancing, pole dancing, Tai Chi or anything else physical that just looks fun, silly, ridiculous, sexy or exciting.
  • Lose weight by committing to moving your body every day but only in ways that are fun for you: sex, dancing, biking, walking, etc.

Ecstasy Tip #2: Replace A Life Of Working With A Life That Works


Seriously, are you going to look back on your life and wish you'd worked more? No, you will look back and wish you'd been more daring. If only you knew then that death was imminent and your fears so unimportant.

When working, focus on the tasks that move you forward the quickest. These tasks usually involve focused planning, marketing, sales, product creation and delivery. The rest of the work is usually unimportant or can be delegated.

I recommend scheduling your vacations every year before scheduling anything else. I typically schedule August and December as far off from client calls as possible so I can focus on developing new products, services or programs as well as claim some alone time to contemplate and reflect.

Ecstasy Tip #3: Regularly Bond With Members Of The Same Sex


I am convinced that men need "boys nights" and women need "girl time" no less than twice per month (more is better). Why? Spending joyful, heart-opening time with members of the same sex helps us feel less alone in our struggles and more connected to our inner experience.

It also rebalances the male/female polarity. When we are with members of the opposite sex, we can contribute to one another's experience in a balanced and cooperative way, instead of either becoming too forceful or too passive. This is especially important in intimate work and love relationships.

Ecstasy Tip #4: Get In Touch With Your Body

Fully clothed tantric classes are extremely powerful for aligning your breath, spine and energy levels. You can take these classes alone or with a partner. There are deeper level classes that further explore your sexuality, but I recommend starting simple and learning to breathe properly.


Most folks in the Western world are shallow breathers, one of the major contributors to poor health. These classes are most definitely fun and you will be amazed at how all your senses begin to awaken to the delights that surround you every day.

I highly recommend the work of Charu Morgan. You can find out more about this unique experience HERE.

Ecstasy Tip #5: Remember You Are The Goddess (or God)!


How would your Goddess dress for work, dinner, bedtime? What would your Goddess eat and drink? Where would your Goddess go on vacation, take time alone to meditate or go for a walk? What kind of hobbies would your Goddess engage in? How much love, money, energy and affection would you invest in your Goddess?

Prosperity Purpose Mentor's Challenge: Print out the above five tips and make a light-hearted, fun commitment to follow through on each of them in the next five months. Let me know what happens for you at support@yourpurpose.com!