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10 years +


Venice CA 90291 - United States



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Career Coach, Career Counselor, Mentor, Money Coach, Spiritual Healer

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"Your life purpose is in your hands - literally. Discover, unleash and live your live purpose so you can get paid for your passions and BE - as Gandhi said - the change you wish to see in the world."

About Baeth Davis

Baeth Davis is founder and creator of YourPurpose.com, a company devoted to helping you, the spirit-rich™ entrepreneur, artist, healer, mentor, artist or spiritual teacher unleash your Life Purpose and get paid for your passions so that you can BE the change you want to see in the world!

Baeth's unique ability is to identify your spiritual purpose and then help you create a strategic plan to actually make money doing what you love. She specializes in helping men and women in career identity crisis to find their heart's calling and follow it using her unique blend of scientific hand analysis, spiritual teaching and sales and marketing skills. Baeth has worked personally with over 8500 one-on-one clients in her 15 years as a business owner and has spoken live to thousands of people globally.

As featured in Women’s World, Cosmopolitan and the LA Times, as well as heard on NPR, KPFK-Los Angeles, Radio Europe and the BBC 5, Baeth is devoted to helping you unleash your life purpose and uncover the #1 thing that has been holding you back from achieving it.

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Baeth Davis Success Stories

New Biz Model Gives This Woman Over 65 New Lease On Life!

Women starting over

After being a military leader and breast cancer survivor, Cecelia Dawe-Gillis discovered hand analysis as a profound self-discovery tool for herself and her clients. more

This new biz opportunity, shown to her by Business Mentor, Baeth Davis, changed Cecelia's life. Cecelia writes:

"Good Afternoon Baeth,

In my heart I know there is so much more to learn.
Like an onion, as I peel back one layer, there is another more wondrous layer awaiting.  I continue to study and learn more about this amazing system.

When I am graced with seeing  another set of hands, I begin see so many of the new concepts unfold right before my eyes. Thanks to you for giving me insight into who I really am and for "seeing me."


I am able to honor my gifts  and self correct when the "student path" shows up.
This allows me to not stay in the penalty box too long (because that's no fun and it is counterproductive).

I just want to say thank you.


With love and gratitude,


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