Why The Winter Season Sparks Happiness Into Our Hearts

Is joyfulness a choice?


Oh, this season is full of happiness and joyful spirits walking around our little village in anticipation of celebrations drawing nearer day-by-day. Gift paper and ribbon is nearly selling out at our local corner drugstore. Snow is falling and excitement is mounting as more and more ski trails are opening here high in our Colorado ski area.

Family and tourists have begun to arrive and our population nearly doubles during ski season so that's exciting in itself. Hanukkah is here and Christmas is on its way. It's a season full-of-hope and light and love and celebration. Winter Solstice festivities are being held this weekend with bonfires in the the snow. I can barely keep up and, I caught my mother thinking aloud, saying: "Pope Francis needs to move Christmas to the end of January."


I'm wondering if all this hope, jubilation and celebration is now written in our DNA to coincide with the seasons. At first, as the days grow shorter, people seem to become more tired for weeks then things begin to change. The first snow arrives and there's an excitemet in the air, particularly here in the mountains. The closer we get to the holidays the more joyful the air becomes.

From time to time, I've closed my heart and lost the flow of joy in my life. I've had to "consciously" and "deliberately" decide to open my heart and allow the flow to begin all over as a trickle and finally allow myself to be overcomed with joy. Joy is always nearby as it never leaves our sides and it's always here for the taking. Joy flows to and through an open heart. Let your heart take over your mind for awhile and enJOY.


This time of year, even psychic medium messages from loved ones who have passed on to the other side seem to be even more promising and heartwarming. A few days ago, I was giving a reading and the client's husband came through and his name was Clarence. Clarence passed away in the summer of 2013 and he was jubilant about his surroundings and his messages were positive and uplifting to his wife.

Hours afterwards, I remembered a character named "Clarence the Angel" from the movie, "It's a Wonderful Life." Clarence the angel has a very endearing line in the movie: "Every time a bell rings, an angel gets their wings." So not only did the real Clarence benefit his wife in the reading; but, also, I was touched as this memory lifted my joyfulness and spirit through association.

When I consciously decide to open my heart, JOY flows naturally from my surroundings. My little dog is perhaps the happiest and most joyful being I have ever known. I love to watch her play with her "mouse-eees" as her toys are called. She adores running after them or playing tug-of-war. Her little fluffy rumpus sways back and forth in happiness as she totters up and down the stairs or around the kitchen island into the living room and around the coffee table. Outdoors, she is like a sprite or miniature deer bouncing and running on top of the snow. She is the embodiment of spirit and joy!!!

Tis' the season to practice and participate in joyfulness and in making your spirit bright. Make the choice to open your heart so all the joy of the season may flow through your very being and then TOUCH the hearts of others!