Are You Following Your Intuition? You Should Be!

Perhaps our ancestors used intuition more often because they didn't have CNN or Google


You "know" you're intuitive whether you admit it or not.  The news is that you can further develop and strengthen your intuitive sense. Here are some of the best methods I've used for strengthening my intuition:

  1. Start keeping an Intuition Journal. Once a day take time to sit down and write down what your intuition senses. This can be anything from what social interplay you sense your second-grader may be having in school to the time your mate will walk in the door after work. Make sure to include who you'd like to talk to on the phone; but, haven't gotten around to calling. Isn't it interesting to discover someone was thinking of calling you at the same time you were thinking of calling them. Keep space in the journal to establish how often your intuition is correct.
  2. Using another part of your Intuition Journal. Notate those times when you've chosen to dismiss your intuition and use your rational-thought-machine in spite of the pit-in-your-stomach. Am I hearing a hmmm' out there?
  3. Using your dominant hand (the one you write with), write out a question. Then take your non-dominant hand and write out the answer (or, if you're like me, scrawl out the answer). The point is that I've found the answer coming from my non-dominant hand is usually correct and it matches my intuition.
  4. Honor your Intuition. That small voice you hear or nagging feeling is there to protect you and guide you so don't ignore it and over rationalize your intuitive sense. Instead, act on your intuition. If you intuitively "feel" that your car is getting backed into at the grocery store parking lot, be more cautious. If you "intuit" that your boss thinks you could be doing more on a project, follow up with her and ask how she thinks you're doing. This move could be a win-win, your boss may be impressed with your taking the initiative to ask and you may find out that there is something specific you can do to improve your performance.
  5. When choosing to rationalize a situation versus going with your intuition, practice going with your intuition. The police even advise using your intuition when you sense there's danger, i.e., remove yourself pronto.

Perhaps our ancestors used intuition more often because they didn't have any other information available to them. We, on the other hand, are somewhat buried in information and can Google til' our hearts and minds are overwhelmed with facts and opinions. This is all of tremendous value and I for one don't ever want to live without massive amounts of information at my fingertips.


However, the real point I want to leave you with is not to over rationalize a situation and to remember to make certain you respect your intuition.

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