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About Arlene Vasquez Washburn

Arlene Vasquez Washburn, MECM
Life and Business Strategist
Science-Based Dating and Relationship Expert
Creator, Get REAL, Get Love Group Coaching System
Founder, AVConnexions.com, and LifePastDivorce.com

Arlene Vasquez Washburn is a leader in the Love Industry, with some fairytale successes to her name. Arlene's the former CEO of the Matchmaking Institute.

Arlene is the CEO of LifePastDivorce.com a networking platform for professionals that work with individuals and families affected by divorce.

Arlene is the founded AVConnexions in 2012, a boutique matchmaking company offering matchmaking and singles events for professional and affluent singles. Her keen intuition, combined with adept recruitment skills, has won Arlene widespread acclaim for her matchmaking and relationship coaching across multiple channels.

Arlene travels worldwide, speaking to inspire singletons and as a mentor, trainer, consultant and recruiter for other matchmakers.  She’s the past resident relationship expert on, Change Your Attitude Change Your Life magazine and radio show on WOR 710, New York’s #1 Talk Radio and iHeart radio.

Arlene has contributed as a columnist to Industry Magazine, Main Street Magazine and as a blogger on YourTango, and Project Eve. She’s the former resident relationship expert on Change Your Attitude, Change Your Life magazine and WOR 710 radio, NY's #1 Talk Radio station. She is often sought out as a guest on radio, podcasts and TV outlets such as Cosmo Sirius®xm Radio, and Telemundo TV to name a few.

From marrying her perfect match to pairing a woman who got married for the first time at the age of sixty, Arlene is the kind of coach who walks her talk. She's passionate about helping women have happy and healthy relationships with themselves and their significant other. 

Having cracked the relationship code for herself, Arlene now shares all her findings as the creator behind the Get REAL, Get Love® Group Coaching System for Women or through one-to-one coaching.

Arlene is past Board President of The Divorce Support Professionals, past President of the Board of Directors for the YWCA of Bergen County, and recognized by the Continental Who’s Who.

Arlene Vasquez Washburn Success Stories

Getting Out of Your Own Way to Find True Love

Women seeking a relationship

When you meet the love of your life, you should know it…right? Heads up, you might be getting in your own way of knowing who’s “the one” for you! That’s where AVConnexions Matchmaking Services stepped in and guided a special (anonymous) candidate to get out of her own way, open herself up to love, and truly find the man of her dreams; in July 2015 she will be getting married for the first time at 60 years old!more

The “Candidate”, an MD, walked into the AVConnexions offices for a standard one-on-one consultation to be approved for acceptance into the AVConnexions candidate database. During the conversation she began speaking about her great loves that she had lost or erred with, and it turned out she was referring to men from 10+ years ago! She was living in the past and damaging her future potential to find love. She was, however, a fit and attractive, successful doctor with an openness and willingness to accept help where she needed it, so she was accepted as a candidate with AVConnexions. She went through the onboarding process, which included a professional photoshoot for fabulous pictures, and began to attend events hosted by AVConnexions to bring singles together.  Unfortunately, her look was in need of some freshening up with new clothes and a new hairstyle.  

Around the holiday time in December of 2014, a staunch German man very demanding in his ‘requirements’ for a match and seemingly ‘rigid’ in character, requested a meeting with Arlene Vasquez, founder and matchmaker at AVConnexions. Her candidate, the doctor, and this German man-very prominent in the pharmaceutical industry and eager for a partner within the medical community-seemed a potential match. Arlene’s team at AVConnexions did not agree! They doubted the match, but Arlene felt sure she saw potential there. She decided she would make the introduction, but first her candidate would have to agree to work with AVConnexions’ image consultant, Lisa Emelo. With her new look and newfound confidence, and his readiness to meet someone both parties agreed to meet for a blind date.

The German Client confided in Arlene concerning his anxieties about his date, and Arlene provided a pre-date coaching session beforehand to suppress his doubts. Since he would not be seeing the woman or even a picture beforehand, he was unsure about the match, albeit willing to try the date. Arlene told him to bring in some pictures of women he found attractive, and one of the pictures looked just like the Candidate! Arlene knew she was onto something for sure! She quelled his doubts and sent him on for the test: the introduction blind date.

Lo and behold, the German Client was smitten! The Candidate, however, was unsure…she found him a little bit too rigid and inflexible.  Without the other knowing it, both the German Client and the Candidate were looking to Certified Matchmaker and Relationship Coach, Arlene Vasquez for constant advice on how to deal with their situation: he, asking about how to proceed with the woman and get her to be interested; she, wondering if she should pursue this opportunity, and being met with a resounding “yes!” from her team at AVConnexions. She needed guidance and she took it. She got out of her own way, pushing away fears, doubts, and skepticism and ended up dating the German Client.

After a complete 30-pound slim-down and life-style change for her German boyfriend (in one of the Candidate’s unsure, fault-finding moments, she complained he was potbellied, and was advised to use her medical skills and knowledge to fix him up!), the Candidate and German Client had a year-long relationship behind them. At one year, to the date, the German took his girlfriend out to the location of their very first blind date, and proposed! The now radiant, younger looking, bright lipstick-wearing doctor has found the man of her dreams and is to be married for the first time, all because she was willing to listen to advice and get out of her own way.

Would she have pursued a relationship with the German of her own accord? No way! But with the love, patience, and guidance of AVConnexions, and a willingness to look at things differently, the Candidate found her match and is on her way to the princess wedding she’s always dreamed of.

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