What You Must Know If You're Truly Serious About Finding Love

Before you can find the right man, you need the right strategy.

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Ladies, we say we're going to great lengths to find the right man, but are we really doing enough prep work to land that ideal relationship?


We spend time on dating sites and dating apps. We go out "on the prowl" with our friends. We may even let a friend or two set us up on blind dates. And when it all goes disastrously, we give up and say there are no good men out there. 

But what if we really haven't done all we can to find true love? What if we're pouring all of our energy into it, but in the wrong direction? 

To help us know for sure, host and professional matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson gathered a panel of Experts and asked them the best way for women to prepare to meet the right guy. And who better to ask than three certified matchmakers and dating coaches: Arlene Vasquez, Marina Margulis and Peggy Wolman, three wise women who make a living helping people find "the one." 


The Experts were united on one main point — before you can attract a great relationship, you must first take a long, honest look in the mirror (literally and figuratively). 

"I think the first thing a woman needs to do," says Peggy Wolman, "if she's serious about finding love ... 'is pick yourself up, dust yourself off and start all over again.'"

In other words — open your mind to the possibility that, with a new strategy, love really is out there waiting for you. 

In the video above, the Experts get super specific about what you need to do. Their advice includes:

  • The three Ps of re-starting the process of dating
  • How to clarify what you want versus what society says you should want
  • An honest way to assess your feminine appearance to see if you're putting your best self forward
  • Why you must take a hard look at your past, but not get stuck there
  • The important part of being in a relationship that most women entirely forget to factor in

It's a mixture of straight talk and supportive advice — just what we all need to help us emotionally regroup and then re-approach this dating thing with a positive attitude!


So give the video a look and see which of their fantastic tips most resonates with you. Then, apply it to your dating life. You'll be amazed at how quickly things start turning around. 

And if you need some extra support getting your dating life on the right track, reach out to one of the Experts on the panel. They're masters at successful matchmaking.