Women Who Love Their Bodies Do These 9 Things Every Single Day

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9 Tips The Most Attractive Women Know For How To Be More Confident About Body Image Issues

No matter hard you try to 'love your flaws', some days, you just don't. And it makes sense — being truly happy with your body image is harder than it sounds.

In fact, even the most attractive women have to make daily, conscious efforts to build their body confidence and appreciate the bodies they have. But learning how to be more confident in your own skin so you can overcome body image issues really is possible; it just takes a little bit of practice.

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The most important thing to remember is that you are the only person responsible for loving and caring for your own body. So start showing your body the love it deserves!

Here are 9 tips on how to be more confident and deal with body image issues that the most attractive women follow every single day.

1. They accept their bodies the way they are

Women who love their bodies accept them fully, so make a point to accept your body for what it is. Your body allows you to do all the things you choose to do!

Your height may be short or tall; you had no choice in this matter so accept it. You didn't choose the color of your skin; accept it. You didn't get to pick your hair color, eye color, or bone structure. You had no choice in the matter; accept it.

Anything in your body that you cannot change, accept as it is. This is the first step toward building self-confidence.

2. They work toward changing the parts they can change

Even good-looking women women who love their bodies aren't happy with every aspect of them. And while you cannot change your body, you may be able to change some things you don't like about it. For any changes you choose to make, just don't go to extremes and try to change everything at once!

And while you cannot change your body's innate physical traits, you may be able to change some things you don't like about it — just don't go to extremes and try to change everything you possibly can change!

With your body, change what you can change and accept what you cannot change.

3. They take care of their physical health

Women who love their bodies know that taking care of yourself is a daily process. It means ensuring that you are caring for your physical health.

It means you drink enough water each day so you are not dehydrated and you eat healthy foods. It means you're getting physical exercise to keep your body in the best possible shape. It means you're getting enough sleep every night.

What works for others might not necessarily work for you, so individualize your choices to meet your specific needs for your body.

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4. They treat their bodies with respect

Women who love their bodies spend time connecting with their body and appreciating them.

You might try having a hot bath with Epsom salt, candlelight, and/or special fragrance. You might get a massage. You might treat yourself to a special dinner. You might curl up and read a book. You might just spend some time alone. Show your body respect in whatever way feels most natural to you.

Respecting your body is treating it kindly. This means sitting, standing, and walking with upright posture. This allows your body to breathe deeply through your diaphragm. It means keeping yourself relaxed and avoiding anxiety.

You may not be able to do this currently; yet, you practice this because you take good care of your body.

5. They choose which thoughts about themselves to believe

Women who love their bodies know that caring for themselves physically isn't enough; they know how to build self-esteem by caring for themselves mentally, too.

You have thousands of thoughts a day — some good, some bad. Choose the ones that respect who you are and support your love for your body. Tell your brain you won't listen to the negative thoughts you have about yourself that are untrue.

Instead, remind yourself, “I am lovable. I am helpful. And I have value!”

6. They acknowledge their feelings

Women who love their bodies also make a point to take care of their feelings. They acknowledge them, rather than running from them or hiding from them.

​Your feelings may not have been validated in the past; you may have tried to express them. Perhaps, others did not listen to you or acknowledge your feelings. Yet, your feelings are valuable; they are part of you!

It is your job to recognize your feelings and acknowledge them. Validate your own emotions, instead of stuffing them down. With practice, you will come to a point in your life where your feelings are a part of you, but do not control you.

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7. They keep their bodies safe

Women who love their bodies protect them, by avoiding unsafe situations.

If you go out to eat or drink with someone you haven't learned to trust yet, always know that your food and drinks are safe. Set your limits on how much you drink so you keep your body safe. Do not binge drink until you black out or puke or end up having an unprotected one-night stand.

Do not hurt yourself or practice self-abuse, like cutting or pinching yourself. Do not let others hurt you, either. Never stay in a situation that continues to allow others to hurt your body. If you have been, hurt seek help from a trusted person, counselor, psychologist or someone safe.

Lastly, listen to your gut reaction. Trust your gut and don't let others walk all over you or push your personal boundaries; you are not a doormat.

8. They find a purpose

Women who love their bodies find their purpose, their reason for being here. What were you meant to do? Who were you meant to be?

Your purpose guides you in your everyday life. It helps you relate to your body and becomes your guiding light.

9. They practice gratitude

Women who love their bodies daily practice gratitude. They've learned how to build confidence by appreciating their bodies, rather than hating them.

Be grateful for your body and your ability to care for it each day. Be grateful for how you feel each day and for your positive thoughts. And most of all, be grateful for your life and the wonderful people in it!

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Audrey Tait is a counselor, dietitian, author, and founder of Inspirational Insights Counseling, Inc., who helps men and women overcome addictions, eating disorders, and learn positive affirmations in their lives. Learn more about how to care for and respect your body by reading her book, Reflective Meditations Trilogy: Understanding My Authentic Self, Believing in Myself, Loving Myself, Plus Understanding My Boundaries.

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