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Holistic Disease Treatment: What Your Body Is Trying To Tell You

Behave yourself or I will give you my cancer. How crazy and funny this sentence would sound if it was spoken even once in everyday life. We want to live a healthy life. What exactly is health? You might say being free from illness, injury or pain. Was the person healthy, who never smoked nor drank, had healthy eating habits and took care of his health in all possible ways, but died at age 40 of a heart attack?

The word health comes from the old English word "Hal," meaning wholeness or total and not divided. We cannot love ourselves in parts. It is ridiculous to say that I love my right arm more than my left, or my right leg is better than my left eye. I was born with my all body parts, organs, cells and also my thoughts, sentiments and emotions. Everything that happens within me can be considered as my "Self or Being." If I lack something in me, then I have a deficit; this opens up an opportunity for something else to take its place.

Life cannot be planned rationally in the terms of a disease. For instance, no one consciously sets out to acquire diabetes at age 15, multiple sclerosis at age 25, cancer at age 30, and then death at age 32, yet we know of loved ones or friends whom have been affected by these illnesses resulting in death at an early age. Who is responsible?

Recognizing that we create our disease and knowing the origin is on a deeper level can give us hope that there is a way to restore our health and wellbeing if we choose to accept this. Whether it is cancer, diabetes, dealing with anxiety or any physical or mental disorder, the person creates it, by himself, on an unconscious level.

The presence of disease in somebody's life is always considered bad, no matter what. Today I would like to share something out of the box. I have been really exhausted listening to the different conditional health definitions. Disease is unkind and I completely support this idea; in other words, when you are sick, it is important to go to the doctor for medical treatment because it may be necessary. As the symptoms are being relieved, I recommend taking this opportunity to recognize the work has just started, and begin to be curious on a deeper level about the process of a disease.

Life starts from a single cell consciousness in mother's womb, and, after passing through millions or billions of processes, it reaches to its total form to become ONE or whole. From that very second until all the future hours of "now as today" these processes require the best possible available unconditional growth of Self. Continuous obstacles, repressions or going against those processes can create future mental or physical illnesses.

A typical example can be illustrated as a time when a mother dislikes what her child is doing and tells him to abstain. Now the child has the option to conform or rebel against the mother. Perhaps the child chooses to conform and resist doing what the mother dislikes. This gives more importance to the mother's acceptance, which in turn may create an internal repression within the child, resulting in the child hiding those parts from mother and then from the world. These parts may remain suppressed until adulthood where they will show up and expresses themselves through their own path to recognition.

On the contrary, if the child disobeys the mother, the result may be experienced in a feeling of emptiness (lacking mother's love and support). The child will become internally urged to find ways to fill the emptiness. When any part of a person's personality, during or before childhood, is not integrated in a "healthy way," then the body will express it through disease. This is a healthy expression from body’s point of view, but rationally it is a pathological process. This is what I consider, "the need for disease."

Therapies that prescribe drug treatment, or offer advice or suggestions, often result in short term relief that mask the symptoms. This treatment fails to acknowledge that the symptoms may come from deep physical or psychological levels. When these symptoms are forced to disappear this creates an illusion that the disturbance is over. Since the roots are on a deeper level, the disease then finds another form or way to express itself. This form is often more severe than the previous one.

This process is called Symptom Shift or Relocation of Symptom and was discovered by Dr. Reckweg on a physical level. The symptom shift can last for months or years, and appears differently than the original problem. If another anti-symptomatic treatment is performed then it creates another level of "Relocation of Symptom," until it reaches a complete deterioration or severe or chronic illness.

The validity of "Relocation of Symptom" for the psychological level and the connection between both of them has been investigated and described by Werner Meinhold. According to Meinhold, symptoms can move from a physical level to a mental level and vice-versa. A small example is a person who is holding on to anger may continue to perspire heavily.

Every patient has two parts, one who creates the symptoms and the other who wants to remove them. We need to understand the hidden roots or seeds behind the parts causing the symptom, and work with them so that we can understand the creation and purpose of the disease.

If you have 30% of malignant energy in your body then you need another 30% of your energy to maintain it. Now 60% of your body is in conflict, and you are living with only 40% of your energy. Utilizing a holistic approach to health allows the patient to understand that the disease or unrecognized parts of their nature are simply looking for acknowledgement and a way to express themselves. Often it is through an illness, sensation of pain or discomfort on a mental or physical level that we start to pay attention to these parts.

It is essential to understand that the disease is not an enemy; rather it is an opportunity to restore health and balance in your body, mind and spirit. The symptoms are often manifested as an opposing energy to that which will bring health back into balance. For example, recognizing the importance of daytime is as important as recognizing the nighttime. When we recognize the sickness and learn the true significance beneath its creation then it just goes away. Meinhold says the symptom is logical; it is the wisdom of the body to find the correct treatment.

Solutions were created before problems and problems are the bridge to solutions. The solutions are waiting for us to be discovered. All solutions are inside of us and so are all the problems. If I remove the pain or illness without understanding the process of creation and the lesson underneath, then the opportunity of growth is lost. The holistic process of a cancer is nothing but a last opportunity to live. It is a small thin thread through which the person is hanging into the valley and it can be reversed only if the person is willing to accept, understand and learn from it before it is too late to integrate.