I Want Him Back; I Don't Want Him Back

I Want Him Back; I Don't Want Him Back

Have you been through a break up lately? Did you leave your boyfriend or is it the other way around? Have you thought about getting together again? If you answer YES to that last question, here are some things you need to know before you try to get your ex-boyfriend back.

1. Who broke up with who?

Although this may not be that important for some people, I extremely suggest that you ask yourself this question and answer it. You may be in that point in your life that you really miss the ex-boyfriend, the dates, the memories and what-not, that this may not be a good time to think about who broke up with who. But then again, this one will help you decide if you should or should not do that first step to winning your ex-boyfriend back.

Was it you who broke up with him? If YES, then maybe you do have the right to think about getting back with him again. Just make sure that you won’t look like someone who changes her mind that easily or else it’ll just scare or piss him off. If it was him who broke up with you, then get ready. If you are willing to swallow your pride no matter what results you get in the end, then by all means, do it.

2. What’s the reason for the breakup?

Some breakups are caused by negative traits that any of the two parties possess. It is true that when you love someone, you should love the person for who he or she is. It is also for that same reason that the word COMPROMISE was invented. Unless you are sure that you can work things out and adjust for each other, you shouldn’t be getting back together.

Infidelity is also one reason why people get separated. What’s really hard is that infidelity is a very broad concept. Deciding to get back with the ex or not depends on how grave the infidelity was, the reason there was a third-party and the possibility of it happening again.

3. Why would you even want to win him back?

And then there’s also your reason why you would want to get into a relationship with the same boy again. Think hard and try to commune with yourself. Why? I mean really? Although most people would say it’s because of love, there are still those few who have other reasons. Okay. Don’t tell me about love not looking for reasons. I am just being realistic here.

We live our lives in terms of motives. We eat because we get hungry. We drink because we get thirsty. We work because we need money to provide us with our basic necessities. We make friends because we don’t want to get lonely. And we get into relationships because of a lot of different reasons. So what I’m trying to point out here is, before you win your ex-boyfriend back, you should try to know yourself first and know if you really, really need to be with him again. That way, you’ll prevent future emotional damage, mental disturbance and psychological trauma.

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