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M.Psych, PCC

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Career Coach, Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter

About Atara Malach

I am a certified professional coach, have a Masters in psychology, am a keynote speaker, author, certified executive business coach, innovator of the GPS parenting method for working mothers, and have managed a thriving international practice for over 30 years.

My passion is connecting to professional women and guiding them along the many different stages of their work/life journey.  I established my private practice in 1987 and have dedicated these past 30 years of my life to helping tens of thousands of people across the globe to achieve their professional and personal goals. Through managing my international practice for over three decades, I have been able to develop exclusive one-on-one coaching relationships, online programs, and lectures. These have been focused on helping my many diverse clients create and enjoy a healthy work/life balance by enhancing their inherent strengths and guiding them on how to create an environment conducive to their personal and professional growth.

By applying my many years of education and experience, my methods are easily applicable and consist of providing clear, actionable solutions, which create the desired results. Through exclusive personal coaching, products, and online programs, I enjoy sharing my well-tested systems and strategies to enhance career development and help women bring out the best in themselves while leveraging their professional skills to enhance their personal relationships.

I have also developed an exclusive premier individual VIP coaching program for discerning clients; particularly career-minded mothers, executives, and business owners.  This VIP coaching is focused on clients who choose to invest more deeply to achieve guaranteed success in their businesses and their personal lives.

While building my private practice, I have focused on and invested in becoming an expert on career and personal development, relationship management, and conflict resolution.  Over the years, I have delivered over 2,000 speaking engagements and workshops to global audiences, authored my new book A Working Mother's GPS: A Guide to Parenting Success for The Modern Working Mom,  and have created life-changing online programs which have impacted the lives of thousands of working mothers across the globe.  

Creating clarity out of confusion when women face a need or have a desire to change professions or jobs is something I find empowering and important. Helping working mothers succeed with their children while excelling at their careers, is my passion. Those crossroads in their lives are opportunities for them to connect to their strengths and create a better future for themselves.  I am energized by empowering women while they navigate the complex world business and personal relationships.

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My website is www.TheMommyGuiltExpert.com





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