5 Red Flags That Are Warnings He's Going To Waste Your Time

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5 Online Red Flags That Waste Your Time

Most people don't realize that online dating profiles are simply advertisements created for the benefit of the writer. 

As with many ads, there is no way to know whether the information they contain is truthful until you've become acquainted with their creator.

Most people do their best to describe themselves relatively accurately. Even if we assume 95 percent of profiles represent real people, you’re still left with lots of fakers. Most of these imposters are smoother online than many others.

In fact, it's their job — many fakers work for companies overseas whose mission is to manipulate American online daters into eventually giving them money.

Many tens of millions of dollars are lost each year to these villains, much of it to people who thought that they were to smart to fall for a scam.

The only way to know if someone is authentic is to meet in person. It’s best not to waste your time on chatty emails or phone calls, although it may seem easier to screen people, remotely.

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Here are some of the most common online dating red flags that are also signs of a controlling man:

1. They are reluctant to meet. 

A healthy, emotionally available guy wants to meet you in person before considering whether he’s interested in a relationship with you. This is the only way to establish a true connection and solidify your feelings for each other. 

My mantra is "No one is real until you meet in person." Until then, you have no way of knowing whether you'll enjoy each other's company, let alone have the potential to form a real relationship.

2. They act controlling.

A man who pressures you to reveal increasingly personal information in order to continue a conversation is manipulative or worse. Don't fall for it.

An emotionally healthy guy who wants to be in a relationship with you will respect your boundaries and your need to move forward at a pace that is comfortable for you.

3. They act manipulative.

Walk away from a man who tells you that he’s looking for serious love but insists that he won't meet you unless you assure him that you will provide it. This is one of the ploys used by men who seek to use a woman to satisfy his own needs without considering hers.

Your main goal of meeting people online should be to meet in-person in order to find out whether you have the potential for an authentic connection. It is best to do this sooner rather than later.

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4. He belittles you by disguising it as a compliment.

A man who compliments you then turns around and tells you that he dislikes the thing he complimented is playing games. If a man says that you're smarter than him and could crush him, he's implying that you should tone down your intelligence to please him. 

An emotionally healthy man would feel no need to belittle you and would be drawn to your accomplishments.

5. He name-drops.

Watch out for a man who says that he knows the people you admire. It's possible, but it could be the mark of a scammer trying to earn your trust.

One of my clients revealed that she is into personal growth and the man with whom she was corresponding mentioned that he knows several famous self-help authors…and even misspelled one of their names!

This is a sign of arrogance and is definitely a red flag.

One of the ways to test a man to see if he’s a good guy is to see whether he respects your need for boundaries and privacy. If the situation seems forced and makes you feel uncomfortable, trust your instincts.

A man who is truly interested in connecting will respect you when you say "no".

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