4 Steps To Relieve Migraines If You’ve Been Getting Them More Frequently

Here's how to help alleviate the pain.

4 Steps To Relieve Migraines If You’ve Been Getting Them More Frequently getty

Do you suffer from migraines, and has it gotten worse since the onset of the pandemic?

Not only are you — and likely your relationship — stressed, now you’re suffering from physical symptoms, too. Migraines are the last thing you need.

Migraines are different from regular headaches. A migraine causes severe pain that often includes a throbbing or pulsing sensation in a certain area of your brain.


In addition, migraine attacks include extreme sensitivity to light and sound, nausea, and even vomiting. They can last as short as a few hours or as long as a few days.

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Research tells us that 12 percent of the population suffers from migraines. In addition, women suffer from migraines three times more often than men.

We live in an anti-ecstatic, stressed-out world.

No wonder so many people are suffering from migraines. Especially women.

I want to inspire you to understand that if you’re a woman and suffering from migraines, the best antidote to pain is pleasure. I want to offer you a shift in perspective and steps you can take to overcome your pain.


As a woman, your body was designed for pleasure, not for pain.

The problem is, you’ve been birthed into and brought up in a “masculine world.” A world with deadlines, goals to achieve, and limits to overcome. That’s all masculine energy.

There’s nothing wrong with masculine energy — it just needs to be balanced with feminine energy. And feminine energy, more specifically divine feminine energy, is healing.

When you’re suffering from migraines, it’s a sign that something is severely out of balance in your life.

I suspect it’s your relationship with your body and the divine feminine.

I’d like to share with you some ways to relieve or prevent migraines as you move into the “new normal” we're all facing.


You are a social creature. You need connection and touch.

So, how can you can get more connected to your humanness, need for touch, the healing power of the divine feminine, and connection to free you from migraines?

This is something I encourage you to try at home. It’s not dangerous and will greatly enhance your life.

Louise Hay, a famous author and healer who owned a publishing company, put herself on the map with her book, Heal Your Body.

In this powerful "little blue book" Hay lists many different ailments along with their probable causes, and offers a new thought pattern to heal them.

You see, thoughts are things. And what you think is what you create.


Since we are talking about migraine relief and prevention… That’s exactly where your thoughts reside — in your brain. It’s important to not overthink.

Here are 4 steps for relieving or preventing migraines in your life so you can be whole and healthy.

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1. Focus on your pleasure and sexuality.

This goes back to the idea of pleasure being the antidote for pain; when you’re in a state of pleasure, your mind is calm.

Having a calm mind is what prevents your migraine attacks. Being able to get out of your head and be in your body is what will free you from future migraine attacks. Being in your body is pleasurable — being in your head is not!


This is my theory. You can take it or leave it, but I’ve never had a migraine and my life has been committed to sensuality, pleasure, and the reclaiming of a woman’s body as her own.

Don't resist the flow of life through sexual fears.

2. Create a new thought pattern.

I relax into the flow of life, letting life provide all that I need easily and comfortably. Life is for me.

From looking at what I personally have experienced, I would serve you best by encouraging you to change your thoughts. Especially since we’re talking about pain in the brain — where thoughts come from.

Yes, I could tell you to take a bath regularly, up your self-care routines, etc. That’s all good, however, I’d rather go deep into your brain to be most effective.


If you suffer from migraines and don’t want to have another attack, you need to change your thoughts and become aware of “anti-pleasure patterns” in your life that could be causing them.

So, let’s take a look at what you can change. What you can do. See how reading the following list affects you.

See if there is resistance. It’s in your resistance and moving through it with love where you’ll find the biggest positive outcome. And the positive outcome you’re looking for is to never experience another migraine ever again. If you focus on pleasure — that is very possible.

3. Don’t focus on facts — focus on pleasure.

I have no scientific data. I haven’t done the research. I can’t offer you specific facts and figures. I just am a woman and I know how pleasure heals. I’ve seen it with other people, and I’ve experienced it myself.


Determine what you need to do in order to free yourself from migraines and add more of it to your life.

This could be more time to be creative and express yourself. More time caring for yourself. More time spent alleviating stress.

You may need to put yourself on a routine to help you unwind at the end or the day, or implement a morning routine to get your day started in a way that sets you up to focus on happiness instead of pain and upset.

And even if it doesn’t work, I guarantee you’ll be better off, nonetheless.

4. Determine how to create your path to pleasure and freedom from pain.

Look at your lifestyle. Where are you resisting? Understand that resistance causes tension. Start becoming more aware during the day of the feeling of resistance in your body, your thoughts, and your mind.


Face the resistance with flow. This is the Divine Feminine way.

Face the resistance by flowing with good thoughts. Ask yourself, “In a million years, will it really matter?”

Say, “I trust in the process.” Or, “Stay in the mystery.”

You must commit to start living a life of pleasure and make feeling pleasure in your body important. Learn the skills and knowhow to get out of your mind and be in your body.

Start honoring your body and your sexuality as sacred. Commit to no longer having sex out of a sense of duty. 

Take time to explore your sexuality and define your sexual needs. Make sure getting your sexual needs met is a regular part of your life.


Remember, as a woman, you are inherently sensual. Your body was designed to open and feel great pleasure.

We, as women, haven’t touched the tip of the iceberg of our pleasure potential. Instead, women suffer three times more than men from migraine attacks.

You can change this. Change what’s going on in your head, your heart, and your sexuality. Make pleasure an important part of your life.

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Anna-Thea is an author and certified Divine Feminine Educator. If you’d like to start making pleasure more important check out her online course “Unlock Your Divine Feminine Power with Love.”