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3 Powerful Ways To Use Your Feminine Energy To Attract A Great Guy

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how to use your feminine energy to find love

If you are a female, you have natural feminine energy and are already exuding your feminine essence. This exuberant divine light is in your genes.

Even if you have more masculine than feminine energy, you still have access to your divine feminine essence. Don't lose sight of that.

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However, if you're "trying" to exude feminine energy to attract a guy, you're going about it all wrong.

We need to shift our perspective of our sexuality and how to attract men "using" our femininity. Only then can you attract a man by opening his heart. Those are the keepers.

If you want to learn how to "use" your feminine energy in order to attract a man, know that:

  1. If you are female, so you already do!
  2. Authentic feminine energy is better than agenda-oriented seduction.
  3. You don't have to have sex in order to get a man's approval.
  4. Your feminine essence will open his heart.

However, if you want to learn how to embrace your feminine energy and tap into its power in a way that will help you attract a guy and find true love, try these 3 things:

1. Honor your sexuality as sacred.

Seems like many women have sex on the first date. I ask myself if it really serves them and their full potential to respond sexually. I just feel that women are missing out on truly being honored in a way that makes their sexuality and their body open and receptive.

Having female anatomy means you hold the divine feminine within you. Men do to just you are the sacred keeper so to speak. Your divine feminine is longing to be awakened.

It doesn't awaken through quick sexual releases or exciting hookups. It comes from deep within you and your sexuality when it is honored. And when someone takes the time, interest and desire with patience to hold space for your awakening.

Also, when an element of spirituality or sacredness is contained within the sexual act. All sexual acts are sacred however when you bring more consciousness to the sacredness that is there it magnifies a million fold. Honor the force and power of your sexuality and hold it as sacred. Teach the men you are with to do the same.

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2. Let your feminine urges lead.

Make your yoni (sanskrit for vagina) important. She isn't a carrot that you need to dangle in front of a man in exchange for acceptance or possibly even security or any other material benefits he might offer. Your yoni is sacred. But most importantly, she is the well of life.

If you want to exude your feminine energy in a new way, let her take the lead. What I mean by that is get in touch with her and make sure "her" needs are being met. Too many women settle for intercourse when touching, loving, cuddling, and other sexual foreplay would be what they would prefer.

Going "all the way" isn't absolutely necessary unless your yoni truly says "yes" with no hesitation or negative repercussions afterward. Honor that.

3. Come from a full place.

Don't be needy. Everyone is looking for "the one". You know, Mr. Knight in shining armor who is going to come and save you. I know you probably don't consciously think that but still, that is a part of us. The part that wants our lover to sweep us up and take us away to paradise.

If that idealism is too strong in your thinking, it'll get you in trouble. Healthy relationships will be hard to create. Coming from a full place means you love yourself and know how to take care of yourself, emotionally.

You know how to set healthy boundaries for yourself. So the fullness that you are is the feminine essence that you are exuding. That is very attractive to a man's heart.

Knowing how to exude feminine energy in a different way will empower you. Honor your sexuality, get deeply connected to the wants, needs, and desires of your Yoni and fill yourself up instead of looking for a man to do that for you. Let go of what your mother taught you or the messages you get from romance novels, movies or magazines.

Be you! Open your heart, honor yourself and the right man will come your way.

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Anna-Thea is an author and educator. If you would like to learn more about using your feminine energy in a way that leads to better, more fulfilling relationships check out her online courses.

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