How To Love Yourself Completely — & Improve Your Most Important Relationship In The Process

Good things happen once you start loving yourself fully.

How To Love Yourself & Improve Your Most Important Relationship getty

What does it really mean to know how to love yourself? Practicing self-care and self-love doesn't stop at making sure you're healthy or that you pamper yourself from time to time.

In order to learn how to love yourself properly, you need to treat your relationship with yourself just like you would any relationship with someone you love.

This isn't an overnight proposition. This is a lifelong pursuit. Loving yourself and your body is something you cultivate.


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Do you know how to love yourself?

When you fall in love with another, you experience a euphoric feeling. There are actual brain chemicals that are released when you fall in love with someone. Believe it or not, these brain chemicals are as powerful as heroin.


The euphoric feelings from this love chemical usually subside within the first two years of a relationship. Until then, you may think you are in love, but cultivating true love in a relationship actually starts after the first two years of a relationship.

It isn't until after this love drug wears off that you see the other person in all of their realness. That is why many relationships only last about two years and maybe three if you are "trying to work it out." Normally, everyone has had a few two- to three-year relationships. Have you?

Ponder this ... a "real" relationship doesn't actually start until after the first two years. Before that, you are under the influence of a drug. Imagine!

Once a "real" relationship sets in, the couple has an opportunity to develop a deep authentic connection that ripens like fine wine as they journey through life's ups and downs together.


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The same is true for you in your relationship with yourself! You have been with you ever since you were born. You are way past the euphoric stage.

Are you in a "real" relationship though? Through the ups and downs of life, have you been there for yourself? Do you feel you truly know how to love yourself?


Have you cultivated a deep sense of self-acceptance? Are you your best cheerleader? Do you know how to take care of yourself emotionally by understanding energy and what you choose to expose yourself to?

It's time you fell deeply, head-over-heels in love with yourself.

Look yourself in the mirror, deep into your eyes, seeing your soul, and let yourself know that you are there for you. That the two of you (you and your soul) will always be together.

As you gaze in the mirror and connect deep into your eyes let yourself know that you love yourself; that you are in this thing called life together and for the long hall. Let yourself know that you won't abandon you, that you are doing the best you possibly can, and that you believe you are important.


Make this connection with yourself a normal part of your life. It only takes a few minutes to show love to yourself daily, and it can be quite profound.

Cultivate a sense of connection with yourself and you will find true love — by learning how to love yourself.

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Anna-Thea is an author and divine feminine educator who educates women in cultivating a deeper sense of self-love. You can sign up for her easy-to-use online courses to give yourself the tools and know to create more love in your life.