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Oak Park IL 60304 - United States



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Dating Coach, Divorce Recovery Coach, Life Coach, Personal Development Coach

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That every woman can have the love that she really wants, whether she is single, partnered or married. They just need to learn how to attract and maintain authentic relationships through healthy dating and relationship concepts.

About Anita Charlot

I teach dating, relationship and healthy marriage coach that has been in the business of healing hearts, building relationships and mending marriages since 1999.

I work with women (and a few smart men) helping them to heal their hearts, identify the spirit of the person that is perfectly imperfect for them as well as turning unhealthy relationships into happy and healthy unions.

I am also...

  • The Founder of Relationship Architect Academy, the 1st online dating and relationship school of its kind dedicated to teaching women how to attract and maintain authentic relationships through the mastery of healthy dating and relationship concepts.
  • The author of the highly anticipated book -  The 5 Phases of Dating – The Grown-Ass Woman’s Guide to Attracting and Maintaining Authentic Relationships and Healing the Heart and Soul with Unconditional Love … 5 Minutes a Day both available on Amazon.
  • The creator of The Keeping it Sexy Challenge, the Seriously Sexy 16-Week Intensive and the Seriously Sexy “Girl’s Trip” Weekend all of which have been instrumental in boosting confidence, intensifying the intimacy in relationships and re-igniting the fire in marriages all across the globe.

I also hold...

  • a Bachelor’s in Metaphysics with a focus on Interpersonal Relationships and a Bachelor’s in Management.
  • a Relationship Coach and certified Master NLP Practitioner Certification who uses my unique gifts, skills, and expertise to heal hearts, build relationships and mend marriages through my online dating and relationship school, monthly Dating and Relationship Mastery for Women membership, books, retreats and keynote speeches and as time permits, one on one clients.

I have 3 beautiful children, the 3 most adorable grandchildren on the planet and is enjoying marriage the 2nd time around having attracted the husband that is perfectly imperfect for her.

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Anita Charlot Success Stories

After 10+ Years of Dating, She Found The Courage to Leave Him

Women in complicated relationships

Anita Charlot is the truth! Her guidance and wisdom have transformed me into the person that I am today. I was in a long-term relationship (over 10+ years). I found myself giving excuse after excuse justifying a relationship that I knew in my heart was not going to work out. I kept telling myself that I had invested so much time, why give it up now? more

I started to follow Anita’s teachings that she shares in her book The 5 Phases of Dating. She never encouraged me to leave him. She never spoke negatively about the relationship. Instead, she made me realize my worth! She made me realize how strong I am and how much I was settling. I decided to leave the relationship and find out who I truly am. Today, I can say that I am finally happy, living the life I deserve. 

Cindy Espinoza - Chicago, IL

Learning How To Date from a Healthy and Authentic Place...finally!

Women seeking a relationship

Your coaching and advice have helped me grow so much as an individual which will ultimately help me to be a better partner and find the person who is perfectly imperfect for me.  more

I can’t thank you enough for your continued love and support through this journey – a true journey. 

To everyone out there about to read Anita's book, The 5 Phases of Dating or just starting your journey with Anita, understand that it WILL be hard work but definitely worth it.

You just have to listen and most importantly - be coachable!

Stephanie Gaden ~ Cincinnati, OH

Another Marriage Saved!!!

Married couples

After hearing a few friends rant and rave about how much Anita helped them, I had to talk to her for myself, and she did not disappoint.more

Anita immediately put me at ease on our call which really allowed me to feel comfortable being open and transparent with her.  She has a true gift for reading between the lines and getting to the heart of the issue.  She was able to pinpoint things that I needed to change and heal within myself, and she was also able to tell me things about myself that may have been difficult to hear in a very straightforward but loving, nonjudgmental way, which I really appreciated.

Whether you are single and ready to meet that special someone or you’ve been married for 20 years, Anita is your girl!  

I cannot recommend her enough!

Tiffany Vanderhost ~ Manifestation Coach and Spiritual Healer

Sex Life SPICED UP and Marriage REKINDLED!!!!

Married couples

Anita Charlot has been a great help in bringing my sexiness back. more

She is incredible!!! 

I did her Keeping It Sexy Challenge and it really made me feel vibrant and alive again. It spiced up my sex life AND rekindled my marriage!!!

Zhane Kareen ~ Oklahoma City, OK

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