3 Ways To Make A Woman Feel Like A Real-Life Goddess

Connecting with a woman is a lot simpler than you may think.

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For a man, the biggest thrill of connecting to a woman is that even if she is acting confusing, emotional, irrational, or just plain mysterious, you get to feel safety and awe. She connects you to something much bigger than simply the woman you see standing in front of you.

Every man wants to fall madly in love and every woman wants their lover to see them as bigger than how they perceive themselves. Most women carry insecurities about their being, their personality, their body, their hairstyle, and the wrinkles that come with time. Women want to be seen as so much more than all these physical things.


When a man sees through these appearances and connects with the feeling of a woman bigger than her personality — he hits the gold mine of love. He can make a woman feel like a "goddess" by forming a deep emotional connection.

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And what that means is making a woman feel bigger than her emotions, bigger than her insecurities, and bigger than those little voices that tell her she is "not enough". Making a woman connect with her best self and the self that she wants to fall in love with.

So how does a man master the irrational, emotional wilderness of a woman? How does he connect to that superior woman who is all loving and available not just for him, but for her whole family and her community?


Here are three ways to make a woman feel like a real-life goddess:

1. Make her feel that she doesn’t have to do everything.

A woman needs to know she can turn off with you and not be "responsible" for looking after everyone else. She needs to know that with you, she can let down the pressure to perform as the caregiver.

The best way to do that is to create dates, moments, or "special times" where she doesn’t have to provide care for others, including you. It could be as small as doing the dishes. Find out what takes her away from you in terms of "chores" or "have to’s" and take that distraction away so she can switch off and slow down.

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2. Tell her she has your support in doing whatever she likes.

Ask her that if there was anything she would like to do with no limits, what would it be, and wait for the response. Maybe your woman hasn’t thought about this, but she needs to. And you need to encourage her desires.


Letting her know you are interested in her desires is not only a turn-on. It will make her feel special. Women feel deeply connected to their men when they feel special.

3. Be persistent in your efforts to get her away from distractions.

These are the ones that get her caught up in small ways of thinking about herself or the mundane activities of life.

Just creating a time to talk to a woman to let her know you want to listen to her or be with her will make her a thousand times more responsive to you when the time comes you want her to pay attention to you, your needs, and your desires.


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Angela Ambrosia is a love and relationship coach with a deep affinity for women creating a deeply satisfying love.