How To Have Cyber Sex: 5 Keys To Unlock Your Lady's Passion

Do you want to have better sex online?

 Meeting women on the internet is an easy way for men to find willing playmates and there are multitudes of  adult websites out there that provide the discretion and anonymity that make sex fun. Fifty Shades of Grey gave women permission to walk a bit on the wild side and also woke up desires that are aching to be met.   

Because more men than women belong to sex sites, it is pretty competitive out there and if you want to get more women to say yes, you have to rise above the competition and get her attention. Remember that your fantasy lady is a lady. If you come on too strong, you will send her running and she may have been a wonderful sext buddy for you.  (More Orgasm Tips For Men)

Here are 5 tips for building a fun textually exciting relationship with your lady:

  1. Be realistic. Remember that your first meeting with a potential cyber sex buddy is just like a conventional first date. You may not be a good fit for this particular lady and it is best to keep things a bit on the tame side until you are sure. Chat her up a little about her day and her experience on the chat site. Let a little natural flirting unfold. Keep your sexual desires on the back burner until your are sure she is game. 
  2. Create the scene. When you are getting ready for your fantasy date, give some thought to it. Plan it like you would a real time vacation. Do you want her on the beach? In a snowy lodge? On a cruise ship or better yet a private yacht? Take time to jot down some notes. Describe to her where you are and set the scene. 
  3. Build anticipation. There is nothing hotter than anticipation. The old saying, absence makes the heart grow fonder, rings true. You want to build your lady's desire in between dates. Don't be too sexual, especially at first. Cozy up to her but do not use sexually explicit language or vulgarity. You will soften your cyber buddy's heart with kindness and humor. You know what you want. She knows too. Take your time to build up her desire with hints and innuendos.
  4. Don't guess how hot she is. You may be sure positive that what you are texting to your lady is hot and making her drip with anticipation. I am here to tell you, she may be turned off by your texts. Once a woman feels uncomfortable, she will cool down in a hurry and detach from you. In order to keep track of how you are doing. Ask her. Don't say, "Is this hot for you?" Instead say, "On a scale of 1 to 10, how exciting is it for a man to touch you like this?" If you make it this easy for her to direct you to her pleasure points, it is a win win for sure.
  5. Ask permission. This is a powerful tool to scoring online and in real time. Ask your lady for permission before you touch her intimately—even with text. I know you want her to touch you. She wants to touch you, believe me, but, if you start to describe how she is riding you like a bucking bronco before she is ready, she will turn off the computer and pick up Fifty Shades of Gray. You will be shocked how this one step alone will get women to stay tuned in to you. Try it.

Cyber sex opens up a whole new world to women who have unmet sexual desires. Physical pleasure is available, free and accessible 24/7. The women who are visiting the chat sites are curious and looking for fun. Treat your cyber date like a lady and you won't be disappointed. For an example of how well this works, check this out: Yes, please.