Abuse / Survivors of Abuse

Years in Practice

6-10 years


RAMSEUR NC 27316 - United States



Additional Expertise

Burnout Coach, Business Coach, Business Growth Strategist, Consultant, Dating Coach, Holistic Healer, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Marriage/Couples Counselor, Psychotherapist, Relationship Coach, Speaker/Presenter, Teacher

I Practice in

All areas, please inquire



I Believe

that you have the power to create a life you never want to escape from. Your dreams deserve your courage.

About Amanda Chils

I'm a licensed therapist who specializes in helping you heal from trauma and build a life you no longer want to escape from. Outside of one on one therapy, I create courses to support your healing journey, help you heal from trauma and build a life you adore. When it's very aligned, I also do business coaching for entrepreneurs who want to create more income with more ease and flow.

I work with the major themes of emotional embodiment, nervous system healing and regulation, radical acceptance, reconnecting with your intuition and authenticity. I am an expert in helping you heal and step into your power, and those who work with me in any capacity learn skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.

If you want to feel better, finally experience peace and let joy in, then you and I are destined to work together.

Amanda Chils Success Stories

"I stood up for myself, I've never done that before."

Women dealing with work related stress

My client, we will call her S, had an older coworker that constantly degraded her in front of coworkers, questioned her experience and authority and "basically treated me like I knew nothing despite me being in this field for a decade." Sound familiar?more

This woman was causing her to hate going to work, when in face she loved her job. She was doubting herself, spending a lot of energy avoiding this woman and trying to manage her energy around her.
We started working on boundaries and standing up for herself, and worked together to make a plan to stand her ground and confront her. The next time I saw her she was so excited to tell me that "I told her she doesn't get to talk to me that way, and she got the point that I'm not playing." 

Ever since then, going to work has been so much less stressful and that woman no longer bothers her. This dynamic had been going on for two years, and all it took was her standing up for herself and setting a boundary ONCE, and now work is easier and happier.

That's the power of boundaries. 

If you want to learn how to set them like a boss (without being mean or feeling guilty about setting them) then check out my course where I teach you how to overcome people pleasing. 

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