Spontaneous VS. Planned Sex

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Would you rather have spontaneous or planned sex? Here's how to create more spontaneous sex.

Would you prefer spontaneous or planned dates and


I can almost guarantee you are thinking that

you want spontaneous. But, I am going to guess

that you aren't getting the spontaneity you desire.

So here is where the planning comes in to help you

CREATE spontaneity.

Awhile back I wrote a blog post about one

of my favorite weekly activities - Date Day/Night/Time.

I am somewhat of a (okay...a total) workaholic and

Date Day is a set aside time that gives my man total

permission to say no computer, no work, no "just

one more thing", only together time.

Frankly, if I didn't plan time to relax or to hang out with

my man it just wouldn't happen. Spontaneous

would not be a word in my vocabulary.

This spontaneous vs. planned idea can be one of the main

reasons you or your partner have resistance jumping

onto the Date Day train.

Here's the thing, if you don't plan time together amongst

the crazy whirlwind of your day it can become easy to

take each other for granted and the desire can slowly

fade away.

BUT when you plan that time it DOESN'T mean you

CAN'T be spontaneous. You CAN! It just means you

have guaranteed time together so you are free to

create that connection, desire and spark so that you can

have more spontaneous sex or other activities.

Make sense?

So if you are already planning regular Dates - awesome!

And if you aren't now is the time!

Here is my guide to Date Day/Night to get started.

If your partner is resistant to scheduled "Dates" just

let them know that they can still surprise you during

that scheduled time ; )