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3 Ways Opposites Prove To Be Happy Couples

Many people believe that opposites attract and in fact Paula Abdul even sang a song about it. Her song was actually written about her and her partner and how they had opposite personalities and yet they were attracted to one another. Even though they were different in so many ways, they still loved one another and had a fantastic relationship. You would think that having so many opposite views and opinions would drive a wedge between two people, but sometimes those opposite opinions are what hold a couple together.

Many people can relate to Paula's song beause the words in her song are so very true. Opposites do attract and they do it quite often. What happens after the initial attraction will depend on how the couple handle their differences. A couple can be as different as chalk and cheese, but as long as their love is strong, there is no reason why they cannot have a successful relationship.

People who are opposites can actually complement each other in many ways. If one person is weak in a particular area and the other is strong in that area then they can balance each other out. They may even encourage the other person in their weak areas and help them improve. One good example is if one person in a relationship has anger issues and tends to lose his temper very easily and the other person is very laid back and rarely gets angry, then they can balance each other out. The laid back partner can help the angry partner better control his emotions. If the laid back partner finds that people tend to take her for granted because of her laid back nature, then the other partner can help her become more assertive and not let people walk all over her. Partners can help one another reach some a compromise in how they react to different situations.

Partners who are opposites will usually have many different interests and hobbies. Sometimes they may need to do their own thing so that they can enjoy their hobby and sometimes they will be able to reach an agreement. If one person likes Chinese meals and the other likes Mexican, there is no reason why you can't compromise and go to a Chinese restaurant one night and a Mexican restaurant another. 

Opposites can have a happy and successful relationship if they work together to balance each other in positive ways. If there is attraction and if there is love, then it is possible to work around the other areas of your life where you have opposite views. It may take some cooperation and some compromise, but it can be done. There are thousands of couples worldwide who are complete opposites but have made their relationship work. When observing some of these couples you might wonder how they are able to make their relationship work, but if they truly love one another, and both are fully committed to making their relationship succeed, then the couple will be able to find a way to make their relationship work.

People have different strengths and weaknesses and those who are opposites can use their strengths and weaknesses to balance each other. A couple that can work out how to balance each other positively can be a very strong couple indeed.