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Hi, I'm Rosie and I'm the UK's leading extra-marital expert.  I specilise in researching affairs - from their causes to their effects - and also am spokesperson for IllicitEncounters.com, the UK's largest married dating site.  If you're in need of statistics or comments on affairs in the UK, please get in touch.

About Rosie Freeman-Jones

Hi there.  My name is Rosie Freeman-Jones and I am the UK's leading extra-marital relationship expert.

Over the last three years I have conducted extensive research into the behaviours and relationships of people who cheat.  My feelings on the subject are constantly changing - but on the whole I take a very liberal standpoint when it comes to infidelity, and in some cases could be classed as an advocate of extra-marital relationships.  My work and my constant contact with unfaithful men and women had lead me to believe that it is both useless and unfair to demonise all people who cheat on their partners.  The key to creating successful relationships is understanding why they go wrong - and also learning to recognise when we have to bend the rules for the sake of a healthy relationship.

As a researcher of infidelity, I have access to case studies of men and women who are happy to talk openly about their affairs and the reasoning behind them.  I have appeared on This Morning, Women's Hour and a host of BBC radio programs to discuss the nation's cheating habits.  YourTango is an exciting enviroment that puts me in direct contact with people who need my advice and comment and I hope the next year will produce some fantastic opportunites.

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