Who Is Most Likely To Stray From Their Marriage?


I've just conducted my first ever comprehensive study into religion and cheatingand can reveal that, shockingly, Roman Catholics are the most adulterous religious group in England. How To Know If Your Relationship Can Go Back To Normal After Cheating

The statistics, which were gathered from a database of over 600,000 cheating spouses on, show that 21.5% of members on the extra-marital dating site are Catholic; an alarmingly high figure, since Roman Catholics make up only 10% of the UK population (YouGov & Cambridge University figures).

Church of England followers are less common on the site—although 40% of English citizens list themselves as CofE, Anglicans only made up 33% of members. Furthermore, CofE subscribers turned out to be more faithful in their marriages than atheists and agnostics (listed as 'No Religion' on the table). The most loyal spouses were Jewish.

I find these numbers particularly fascinating! What is it about the Catholic faith that breeds cheaters? Well, there is one clear practical reason: Christians of any denomination are more likely to enter into matromony in the first place, since marriage is still considered a Christian institution and the importance of it is stressed in religious teachings. (Related: I Became Catholic For Love)

However, I also think the vast number of Catholics seeking an affair has to do with their cocept of "sin". Of all Christian denominations, it's easy to argue that Catholisim is one of the stricter strain, promoting sexual chastity and marital fidleity. When certain things like pre-marital sex or cheating are built up to be "forbidden", the desire to engage in them often becomes stronger.  As we can see from the correlation between a country's legal drinking age and their rate of underage drinking, if you ban someone from doing something you make it a whole lot more tempting! Is Sex Sinful?

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