5 Things Strong Women Do That Attract Quality Men (And Keep Them Interested!)

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how to attract quality guys

Are you a powerful woman looking for love?

There's a myth out there that successful single gals tend to intimidate good men — but it's simply not true.

What IS true is that many accomplished women have habits that are turnoffs to men, and push them away without realizing it.

See, it's not a woman's success or strength that causes men to lose interest ... it's some of the behaviors that often go along with success.

The good news is, you can fix these problems without giving up your confidence or playing down your success.

See, romance can be squelched by a woman’s reliance on business skills.

When you come from a place of being his business equal, you set a competitive tone. This kills any hope for romance.

On the other hand, a successful woman who is also confident in her feminine wiles will be noticed and sought-after by quality men.

Femininity is desirable to alpha males, as it compliments and heightens their masculinity.

I’m not suggesting you dumb down or become a doormat.

Quite the contrary, I am saying you’ll be even more attractive when you demonstrate your feminine charm and confidence as a woman.

When you embrace these five simple suggestions outlined below, your love life will take a BIG turn for the better. And you’ll spark attraction among quality men to capture their attention — the successful men you dream of and deserve.

1. Demand exclusivity. 

A powerful woman, who is confident in her femininity, values herself.

She knows she’s the “prize” as coined by Steve Harvey in his book Act Like a Lady and Think Like a Man. You hold off on sex until you agree to be in an exclusive relationship. For you, this is the ONLY WAY.

Some women have this idea that men won’t wait and you could lose your chance with a great guy.

As a dating coach for women with 15 years experience, I find the opposite is true. A good man will wait, because he sees something in you that draws him in.

He’s attracted to you as a whole package and wants to get to know you better, not just sleep with you.

A good man wants to claim you and part of crossing that threshold is asking for or agreeing to exclusivity. Whether he brings this up himself or you let him know this is what you expect, exclusivity in a relationship needs to be your deal breaker.

He’s either in or he’s out. Waffling is not permitted. Just keep in mind, getting to this place can take up to two months or a bit longer when you are younger.

2. Expect to be treated well.

Another part of valuing yourself as a woman is not tolerating any sub-standard treatment.

As you get to know a new man, you don’t rush things. Instead, you take the time to objectively observe his natural behavior without prompting him.

For example, does he keep his word about when he’ll call? Does he cancel or reschedule dates often? Does he treat the wait staff kindly in a restaurant and speak well of his family? Has he snapped at you in a stressful situation or put his needs first with no concern for you?

Pay attention to how he treats you and others because this is a preview of his long-term behavior.

At the first sign of poor treatment, you are willing to address it.

You bring up the incident calmly in a factual way without a lot of emotion and let him know that behavior doesn't work for you. Then you stop talking to see what he says. Your silence gives him the space to explain, make excuses or show he doesn't care.

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Anyone can make a mistake, but repeated bad treatment will worsen over time. Cut your losses and move on if you see no improvement.

3. Be OK with boys nights. 

After a few weeks of seeing each other, you might be tempted to think your new man should do without his weekly boy’s night out.

Yet, a confident woman knows a man needs his guy time and space.

This is the perfect opportunity to do a little pampering or get together with girlfriends.

When you support his personal friendships (within reason of course), you demonstrate not only confidence in yourself, but trust as well.

He’ll be a happy camper and come back to you proud that you aren’t like those clingy, demanding gals he’s dated in the past or his friends are saddled with.

If you’re the jealous type, learn to deal with that because your jealousy is a huge turn-off. On the other hand, if you don’t trust him, that’s a deep issue to work through or you won't have a solid foundation for a long-term, healthy relationship.

4. Communicate directly, without being overly emotional.

The more time you spend together, the better your chances of having a tiff. This is completely normal and to be expected.

In fact, it’s really an important growth opportunity, as you learn more about each other and how to get through the inevitable problems a long-term relationship always includes.

A confident woman thinks about what she wants to say, comes up with a strategy and speaks to her man.

You speak calmly, factually and with little emotion. This lets a man know you are reasonable, easy to talk things out with and won’t be dragging this discomfort out over days. He’ll respect your ability to be direct without applying blame.

Most men rather avoid fighting and confrontation. Handling your rough spots as a cool, calm, collected woman gives your man the space he needs to respond.

A good man wants you to be happy and will try to accommodate you or negotiate a new way of dealing with the situation.

On the other hand, if you get highly emotional when things don’t go as expected, your man may start avoiding you just when you really need him. He’ll stay away if he knows he’s in trouble so you can see why this is counterproductive.

5. Understand the importance of self-care. 

Quality men greatly appreciate a woman who takes good care of herself. This demonstrates confidence and self-respect which are turn-ons. Being fit, good skin, well-kept hair and a nice wardrobe are all signs of a woman who honors herself.

Some women do a tremendous amount of care taking for children, parents or even siblings. This can impinge on self-care and drain your energy if you continually give to others and not yourself.

Just like in an airplane, the stewardess instructs you to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping your child or others.

The same thing is true in your everyday life regarding self-care.

If you let self-care slide, that shows a lack of honoring yourself and lets a man know you don’t have high standards. That's not attractive to the quality man you seek. When you do things consistently to nourish your body and spirit, you have more to give to everyone, especially him.

By incorporating these five simple things into your life, good men will notice you more and respond differently.

When you treasure yourself, that’s not only good for you — but good for your love life too.

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