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Get Up and Date® & Attract Your Ex Blueprint™

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In case you haven’t found YOUR ONE and ONLY you’re not alone.
Have you spent way too may days and nights feeling alone with no one to count on or you’ve been on countless dates with a non-committal guy who just wants a play date? I know how you feel.

You probably have great girlfriends, amazing kids and yet are tired of being on the continual roller coaster of crapy dates or worse yet you resigned yourself to not dating at all.

Despite all the books, seminars and gurus out there, many women still don’t understand how to successfully attract and keep the man of their dreams in dating and beyond.

Your wish of having an amazing partnership with someone who supports, loves and wants to bring out the best in you IS within your reach. It’s exactly why so many women have come to rely on Get Up and Date, their source for real answers that last.

When I was growing up, I never dreamed of helping women find lasting love.

My own feelings of loneliness, desperation and a longing for a meaningful relationship drove me at hyper speed to understanding and helping myself. Once I learned how to identify my hidden roadblocks and perpetual limitations I turned my focus to helping other women overcome the same challenges.

The more conversations I had in my mind, the ones that minimized my true desire for companionship, emotional stability and partnership, the more I began to rationalize why I could not have it.

I realized that laying low and playing it safe led me only to more isolation. The more I said it was “ok” the more it wasn’t.

But what was it that I wanted? If I couldn’t articulate “it” how could I ever explain to a man on how to give it to me? It seemed so simple, as a feeling state, and yet everywhere I looked it was like a hidden ingredient in a delicious recipe that I just couldn’t name.

Through years of training, personal discovery and determination I help woman, just like I helped myself, to break through the cycles of relationship disappointment and missed opportunities. I’ve developed a system that teaches women, like you, how to Be His One and Only, and not lose you!

Through my online courses and one on one coaching, women discover what works, what is holding them back and how to communicate what they want and need in a manner that has men wanting to give it them!


MY proven SYSTEM helps women the tools that get to the heart of what matters—showing women how to create the dates they dream of and experience an intimacy that most have given up on ever finding.

I can be reached directly at: Lori@GetUpandDate.com for a personal, consultation to help you get started.


Lori Pinkerton Success Stories

Had a great session with Lori

Women seeking a relationship

"Had an AMAZING and EYE OPENING coaching session yesterday with THE DATING EXPERT, Lori Pinkerton of Get Up & Date The Single Woman’s Expert for Dating & Relationship Advice. If you are at a road block with your dating or within your relationship - I HIGHLY recommend you get in touch with her!! She also has a great program for those of you wanting to get your ex back. CHECK HER OUT!!"more


Rachel Finds Dating Success From Lori Pinkerton

Women newly dating


“Working with Lori has been an amazing journey to say the least. Last year when we began filming for 180 Life & Style Makeovers, I was so bitter towards relationships and really didn’t understand what I was doing wrong or even what I was doing right really. She was able to get me to see my role in previous relationships and with her guidance I learned how to act and react in a different manner.

I would beat myself up for being attracted to the characteristics in a man that I was attracted to, and she helped me see that there was a reason behind all of it. She constantly reminds me to be kind to myself. Lori got me out there dating again and was like that little angel sitting on my shoulder helping me along.

One of my favorite things from our work together, besides the internal revelations of course, is the “secret ninja stuff” as she calls it. Little things we all do but might not realize it … the subtle things that make you feel connected with someone, the “inside joke” type things. When you’re aware of it and are doing it purposefully, it’s pretty amazing. I consider Lori my friend and know she is someone I can count on. I have learned so much about myself this year. I am currently dating a man that while on paper, he’s not what I would choose, but in reality, he’s what I need at least for now.

Without Lori I would have missed out on this and would have still been interviewing for my husband, instead of treating each experience as a learning experience and to enjoy myself. I look back now on our first conversation just a year ago and what a different person I am. Not just romantic relationships, but family relationships and even everyday interactions as well. To say that I’m grateful is a HUGE understatement.”

—Rachel, OK


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Eric- College student winning back his girlfriend!

Men in complicated relationships


I must say that this is on of my favorite testimonials. Not only was Eric a delight and a pleasure to work with but also he was easy to teach. His eagerness and willingness to accept and implement all of the teachings was refreshing. He doesn’t sit around in his dorm room and pout, he recognized the needed to fulfill the ache in his heart.

As Eric so eloquently states, “This is not a scam, it is so legit, so real!” I couldn’t have said it better myself. He didn’t allow his skepticism to keep him small and in pain. He only spent ninety-seven dollars on a product that will bring him love and happiness. Is your happiness and love worth ninety-seven dollars? Aren’t you worth ninety-seven dollars? Of course you are and I can help. More importantly, I want to help you.


Check out my product Attract Your Ex Blueprint, I will see you there.

Email me anytime at lori@loripinkerton.com and ask me questions so I can help you in this area.

For more information from Lori Pinkerton and to learn how to get your ex back in 21 days(yes I said 21 days!) head on over to www.AttractYourExBlueprint.com

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You have gone above and beyond...

Couples dealing with infidelity

I wanted to give you an update. After watching videos #10 and #11, so many things fell into place for me. Instead of beating myself up I realized why our relationship ended the way it did. I wanted to thank you, even though I am still so sad. Here is what happened yesterday.more

She brought up our relationship and it started to get into why I did what I did. I really didn't want to get into it. But I ended up telling her why I cheated and what I thought was wrong with our relationship. I told her that I cheated not because I wanted to end the relationship. I cheated because I was fulfilling a need that hasn't been fulfilled in years. I told her I rarely felt desired in our relationship. I never felt like she was attracted to me or she wanted me. I also said I knew she cared about me and she did love me. I know she did things for me. But I never felt like she made me feel wanted. I told her how she didn't really make me feel like I was an attractive person to her. I always felt like I was just a great friend that she had sex with at her convenience. It made me feel insignificant when I just didn't drop everything I was doing because she wanted sex at that instant. She understood that and said, I was right.

She remembered arguments about this. How I would ask her about it and she would always get upset that I asked her. As if I'm supposed to already know. At this point she started crying. I also told her how I didn't fulfill her need for variety. I never worked on changing things up for her. Anytime I would have anything to do I would get annoyed.

Ever since the break up, I'm less irritated, I'm much more positive in general and I feel way more social. She mentioned how much nicer I am and how much more active I am.
I'm so grateful for your help Lori, you have changed my relationship. You have gone above and beyond what you had to for me and I am grateful!"

Thank you again,
Michael, Hondo, TX

Email me anytime at lori@loripinkerton.com and ask me questions so I can help you in this area.

For more information from Lori Pinkerton and to learn how to get your ex back in 21 days(yes I said 21 days!) head on over to www.AttractYourExBlueprint.com

Married Couple Looking For Lasting Results

Couples seeking to reinvest in their marriage

" Hey Lori Pinkerton, Thank you for saving my marriage! Not that I had problems ;) but Jim Graham is a whole new man! I can't thank you enough!!!"more

-Emily Graham July 1st, 2011 Fountain Hills, AZ


"Lori, I've said this before and I'll say it again... Your advise is worth MILLIONS in lifetime of happiness! I don't know how to thank you enough! Thank, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!"

Jim Graham July 2nd, 2011 Fountain Hills, AZ

A guys take on Attract Your Ex Blueprint

Men in complicated relationships


Jason brings this testimonial to you. He was separated from his ex girlfriend for 2 months. He was doing “all” the wrong things and when I say “all” I mean “all”. Jason was obsessed getting her back but he was operating from a position of “weakness” and “vulnerability” with constant calls, texts and emails. Jason even Facebook stalked his ex.

Once I had the opportunity to speak to Jason I was able to show him how this behavior was not attractive and didn’t portray him in a confident light with his ex. Jason needed to remove himself from the situation to see how his needy behavior was a repellant and not a magnet. This “30,000 foot view” of the issue would also allow his ex time to really see the value that he brought to the relationship.

Once Jason implemented this and other techniques, he was able to control his emotions and operate from a position of strength and confidence, the traits that drew his ex to him in the first place. Now I am happy to say (however, not as enthusiastically and demonstratively as Jason does in this video) that he is back with the love and light of his life. He is also a better partner because of what he has learned from Attract Your Ex Blueprint.

Let me show you what I showed Jason that will bring your ex back to you quickly and for good. It’s not too late let’s start now.

Email me anytime at lori@loripinkerton.com and ask me questions so I can help you in this area.

For more information from Lori Pinkerton and to learn how to get your ex back in 21 days(yes I said 21 days!) head on over to www.AttractYourExBlueprint.com

Proof That Attract Your Ex Blueprint Works

Women in complicated relationships

Here is Michelle's Video Testimonalmore

This is Michelle’s testimonial regarding her experience with Attract Your Ex Blueprint. Initially, she was extremely skeptical. She had a horrendous experience with one of the relationship industry’s self-proclaimed “gurus”. (I will refrain from naming the expert or the product)

Not only was the e-book that she purchased poorly written but it didn’t provide her with the solutions that she so desperately sought. Once she paid her money there was no follow-up contact with the products creator. Not unless you count the flood of upselling emails that she received.

Michelle felt swindled. Not only did she loose her hard earned money but she was still in pain from a break-up that the product that she purchased promised to sooth.

Needless to say Michelle was guarded, angry and still in emotional pain. Once she and I began to discuss her unique relationship issues, her walls came down. She saw that I was here to help her regain the love of her life.

We spoke at length about how she could convey her need for significance and security to her ex boyfriend in a way that he could not only comprehend but also understand. I explained that my product is an easy to digest video series that provides you with the skills to be changed for the better for life.

As you can see by the enthusiasm in which Michelle recorded her testimonial, this system works. Let me help you like I helped Michelle.

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