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10 years +


Carlsbad CA 92011 - United States


BA, MBA, Other

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Confidence Coach, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Spiritual Healer

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All areas, please inquire



I Believe

You deserve to have a hot, passionate, loving relationship with you partner where you are seen, heard and cherished for the woman you innately are!

About Mary Powers

Do you feel lonely or ignored in your relationship?

Are you wanting more attention?

Do you want to re-ignite the passion with your lover?

You are in the perfect place. I am an intuitive and relationship coach. My specialty is working with women who are are tired of being lonely and ignored in their current relationship, that want to bring back the sizzle so that they can get into a deep and passionate relationship they deserve. 

If you struggle in your relationship, lack self-confidence, trust or just don't know how to get back to being crazy in love, you certainly are not alone.  You just need to decide to make the decision that you are ready to transform your pain, and create a fun, loving relationship with your partner.

I can help you to see the big picture or determine the next steps to get on track to creating THAT loving relationship. Let's be honest- if you're caught in the middle of the storm, how can you see the big picture or know what to do?

A New Perspective to Update the Old Navigation
As a child, you learned how to operate in the world by observing the reactions of our parents and the people around you. These beliefs of who you thought you were shaped your world and became your navigation system. You operate from these faulty beliefs that often reside in you subconscious, the submerged aspect of yourself, which makes it difficult to know what these beliefs are. Life happens and you become triggered and you don't understand why you can't seem to get ahead. Triggers cause to fall back into those old dis-empowering patterns that sabotage your environment. 

Your success in this life is determined by four things:

1) What you know.

2) What you believe.

3) How you feel.

4) Your strategy and what you consistently do on a daily basis.

My Vision

…is to be a beacon of light in the world…to remind you that you are deserving and capable of a loving relationship. To be a messenger of hope, love, truth and healing that allow you to emerge into your fullest potential. My dream…is that you will return to love and the true essence of your being. Are you ready to take a chance on yourself and claim your desires?

Let me help you to find your sizzle and create a hot relationship with your lover!

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