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"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about." - Dale Carnegie

About Yasmin Abouelhassan

I’m Yasmin Abouelhassan, Certified Comprehensive Coach, Licensed Relationship Coach and Founder of the Happy Family Institute, where we help you to focus on your strengths and talents, everything that makes you feel more alive, and we guide you toward bringing them to the surface.
If you are overwhelmed, worried, under stress, anxious or just stuck in a place where you don’t want to be, then it’s time to start down a new path to happiness and success in your life, and we can help.
To us you are the most important person; your happiness is our target.

Your character is unique, you deserve to learn to accept yourself first, study yourself by heart, understand who you are, what you need, what do you want to do and what you want to be.

We don't solve your problems instead we help you find your own answers through:
• Discovering who you are, your built-in gifts & talents which are your tools to solving your own challenges.
• Utilizing your skills, talents & gifts
• Acquiring all needed skills that help you meet your challenges.
• Enjoying making your life choices that sustain your progress and happiness.

Yasmin Abouelhassan Success Stories

You are a maestro


“Not everyone has a heart big enough to accommodate other people's feelings and in this area my dear, you are a maestro radiating remedy melodies to sooth wandering and lonely souls everywhere.”more

Amel Abouelhassan
Engineer, Business Coach
Published Author

She gives hope, clarity and sense of direction

Men in complicated relationships

“Yasmin is a wonderful, cheerful, trustworthy person. She gives hope, clarity and sense of direction.”
Engineer, Trainer, Strategic Consultant
Business Owner

A Terrible place in my marriage

Women in complicated relationships

I came to Yasmin Abouelhassan when I was in a terrible place in my life concerning my marriage.  I knew intuitively I did not want to go to a psychiatrist who is doing marriage counseling. I don’t know how I knew that but I just did..  I wanted someone with “life skills”,  I did not even know there is such a thing called life coaching, or relationship coaching, I did not  even know what she does,, all I knew is saw her on TV. a couple of times and she made sense., and she was not talking about relationships, it was about dealing with grief.  The process she recommended made sense.
I never thought I would actually find her and talk to her, but I tried and found her on the web, and took an appointment.more

What a journey, it’s been almost 3 years, but from day 1 I trusted her, and she has not failed me once.  I am not easy to please, and consider myself well read, especially in human relations, so she has to be good for me to continue.
She has coached me into a much better place, she managed to pretty much keep me on track, and at the same time flexible enough to deal with crisis whatever they are, and there were a few.
Not once did she falter, or did I feel she does not know what she is talking about, it seemed to me everything was scientifically backed with research and she really knows what she is doing.

My relationship is miles away from where it started, and I am personally cities away.  We did self discovery and wow was that so comforting to know that what I hazily felt, was real, backed by processes and coaching to discover them inside me.   She helped me put into words what is missing, develop my passion and be daring enough to take it to the world.

Yasmin’s excellent scientific background, and her high ethical values, come together to make a highly skilled, genuine, honest and credible person to trust as a life coach.  I recommend her to everyone – and I mean everyone—everybody needs a relationship/life coach.

This is the best investment one can make, to understand one’s self, one’s needs, hopes, passions, to learn  relationship skills, and to  have the tools and support, and very important the accountability to a coach to move forward.  Yasmin thank you does not say it; my heart says I love you.
Myrette El-Sokkari
EFT Coach

I am trying to live the life as it really is and enjoying each &

Single women

Actually I am not the kind of person who can put what they feel in words, so I will put it in short...more

It was really a great honor to me to meet such a great person as Yasmin. She is really one of the people whom I thought they no more exist!!
It has been so long a time that I can see anyone trying to help another without something in return!!

Actually before I met Yasmin, I used to think that I am really a mad person, who is really in need for a psychiatric and I was nearly losing hope!! But after I met Yasmin, I found out that things are much simpler than I used to see!!

I will not say that she had the magic stick that took all my pain away & change me completely, But I will say that simply she really helped me a lot to understand my problem, to understand myself & what I really want to do and be !!

For me this was such a great starting point to try to change myself & help myself be better. I am now really feeling so great. I am trying to live the life as it really is and enjoying each & every second in it.

The second point is to be satisfied with what God has given you, to ask God for help & to thank God is your way of happiness always.

This is what Yasmin has taught me.

Thanks a lot Yasmin. I am really thankful for you & I will always remember how positively you affected my life even from few words you told me. Your words were really enough to let me understand a lot of things inside me. Thanks a lot.


We need someone to help us understand how to deal with ourselves

Women in complicated relationships

I faced a lot of hard times after& before  divorce, I fell in love with a guy for 3 years and after a lot of troubles our relation came to a  dead end .I asked God to be with him forever and I spent 3 years in my life thinking about him , loving him and trying to be his mother , friend , his lover all at  the same time but our relation ended so bad at the end and I got divorced after a month & 22 days from date of official marriage which was a shock for me ,my parents and everyone and we ended it up by a lot of troubles and bad events.
These were the most difficult moments I spent in my life .
Of course after all that, I lost faith in myself, my character changed a lot.more

That's when I met someone who started to give me support. Yasmin offered to be my coach. Frankly speaking I wasn’t sure about that but Yasmin started to tell me more about life coaching Yasmin started to bring me articles talking about life coaching at a period of my life when I was very hopeless.

I started to think about the whole thing about what is the meaning to life coaching? how can you coach someone without affecting him with your opinion? It was really hard for me because I am one of the characters that is very weak to take any decision alone ,all my decisions were because I am stubborn and that I want that  not because it is  right. For the first time I insisted on something and I was dying to spend my whole life with this guy; I failed to achieve that ,  I found myself pushing through hell alone, I simply  broke down .

So to have someone to coach you by listening to your needs and try to help you to achieve your dreams even if it is an unbelievable dream and to let go of what are left inside me from agony and bad memories and hate, something must be appreciated because I believe that two minds are better than one and so on….,

I have to admit that when support comes from someone talented or specialist it’s really helps so much, it makes you discover yourself in a new frame, discover that it is not the end of life that you lose in one battle still there are lots of battles we can win but we only need to face our battle.

My coach as someone specialized in her feild and in her study helped me to discover a lot in myself & character. All I needed is just thinking, good planning and sheering up.

After that I realized that Coaching is something important , we always need people to support us, we can’t live alone in this word we need friends, we need someone to teach and help us to understand how we can deal with ourselves.

Meeting someone like my coach on weekly basics helped me personally, professional and emotionally.


Life coaching will be of great help

Men dealing with work related stress

I was passing through very tough times at work due to the financial crisis and other matters related to my partners. I was faced with a situation where I had to take important decisions that are very crucial to my career. Adding to that, I also had some problems with one of my daughters and again had to make up my mind of how to deal with these problems in a rational way. I was totally overwhelmed with all what was happening around me and started to be depressed and out of focus.more

    Thanks to my wife, that has heard about Yasmin from a friend of hers, I started talking to her every Saturday at 8 am. That was very convenient for me, as I function best in the early hours of the day.

After a few sessions of sharing with her all my problems, threats, fears, and concerns, things seemed less tangled. We started to address each matter alone. We set targets and a clear plan to reach such targets. I had a better vision of what I want and how to get there. I was also more positive and focused.

    I really believe that if you are passing through a stage in life where you are confused and cannot see a clear path forward, life coaching will be of great help. Thank you Yasmin.

Business Owner

Separation & Divorce

Women starting over

I’ve been going through a rough time during my separation and divorce. I felt down, hopeless and disoriented. Life Coaching helped me to focus on connecting to myself, understand my life priorities, and be aware of my life choices.  I was able to move forward, live consciously, accept life experiences and enjoy changes and small achievements. I would love to keep doing life coaching even I don’t have the same problems anymore but we all need to set targets and be prepared for all life challenges.more

Yasmin was supportive, good listener, understanding, non judgmental and trustworthy. Her optimism encourages me to move from sadness and anger to acceptance of all life experiences. 

She guided me in every step in my self-development by setting targets that I would like to improve or change in my life. Yasmin is professional in same time a very friendly person, I always felt that she is the person who I like to share with my life challenges knowing that she always care about every single thing happens in my life....

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