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Confidence Coach, Personal Development Coach, Speaker/Presenter, YourTango Expert Partner

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You can go from stuck and stressed to clear and confident by releasing self-sabotaging subconscious programs that run your life from behind the scenes.

About Kelly Rudolph

Feeling stuck, stressed, confused, or discouraged? You are in the right place at the perfect time. I am a certified Life Coach, energy worker, and founder of Positive Women Rock, and I’m confident a few adjustments can have you feeling better about yourself and your life very soon.

If you struggle with relationship challenges, toxic friends or coworkers, money worries, a body you dislike, or lack of confidence in one or more areas, you’re certainly not alone. And although there are many people willing to discuss your problems because they say it will help you, you found me for a reason and here’s what you need to know…

Talking about your problems won’t help long-term. Although you may feel better temporarily from getting them off your chest, the negative focus makes you a magnet for more negative people and situations - creating your future on junk from the past.

A New Perspective For A More Empowering Direction

Your problems are caused by old, outdated subconscious programs running in the background. You were born with a version of software that kept you safe as a child but now just keeps you stuck.

Example 1: As a child, you were told not to talk to strangers because they could be dangerous. As an adult, you won't have friends, relationships, or a job if you don't talk to strangers. There is an inner conflict between your conscious knowing, and your inner belief that keeps you from your true potential and happiness.

Example 2: You are supposed to stand out from the crowd and be "different" to get that amazing man or your dream job or client. But humans are pack animals and standing out from the crowd means you get singled out by predators because you no longer have the safety of the group to protect you. A deep, inner conflict you must release to have the life you want.

And there are even more of these inner conflicts that keep you stuck and stressed. 

The good news is there is a solution! Upgrading your inner software (in a quick and simple process by phone) boosts your confidence and supports your success in ALL areas of your life simultaneously. This is just some of the energy work I do with women (since 1984). Free Clarity Call HERE

Self-love, self-respect, self-confidence, and a healthy self-image are your BIRTHRIGHT. They create the solid foundation for fulfilling relationships, meaningful work, deeply connected friendships, a healthy body and bank account, and contribution that feeds your soul!

I transformed years of rape and domestic violence - where I felt stuck, scared and depressed every day - into the life I have now, where I feel happy, healthy, and confident. So, I know you can shift your life too and if you want my help, I’m happy to walk you step-by-step.

She Changed All Areas Of Her Life At The Same Time:

"When I contacted Kelly, I was depressed. I hated my job. My marriage wasn’t doing well and I didn’t like spending time with my 2 small children. I felt hopeless and scared. With Kelly’s guidance, I learned how to turn everything around and that first week my life began to change. In addition to a perspective shift that inspired me to love my job I got promoted while everyone else was being downsized. My marriage improved immediately and time with my children is priceless. I taught my 3-year-old something Kelly taught me and he showed his 18-month old sister right away! I’m confident my family is set up for success and I’m blown away by the transformation in my life." – Jannina G., Virginia (More Success Stories at Positive Women Rock)

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Kelly Rudolph Success Stories

I Began To Attract A Different Quality Of Men

Women seeking a relationship

Nancy's success story"I kept finding myself in marriages and relationships with alcoholic men who had little or no ambition. Being a positive, successful woman myself, I couldn’t understand why this kept happening. Kelly took me through a visualization where we identified the cause of my 32 years of relationship challenges in about 20 minutes. Just hours after learning from identifying the cause and releasing it, I began to attract a different quality of men." - Nancy Shields, North Carolina

Energy Work Had A Powerful Impact On My Job & Family Life

Women dealing with work related stress

Amanda's success story"During coaching, Kelly showed me how the main challenges I was facing were all part of a common thread. We identified a theme of broken trust and belittling treatment - the recurring pattern that was negatively affecting my professional and personal life. The energy session was so easy, I kept asking if I was doing it right. Kelly assured me everyone asks the same question because it seems too simple and painless to be so powerful.more

The next day, all hell broke loose at work and I was amazed at the difference in my response! Normally, I would have been very agitated and spoken up in anger, causing conflict within the team. I would not have been productive the rest of the day, would not have slept that night and it would have disrupted my home life. - Amanda Acevedo, Texas

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I Feel Safe For The First Time In My Life

Women dealing with stress

My religious upbringing programmed me to do nothing but serve; and any desire to take care of myself was evil. I was scared, angry, exhausted, and felt guilty all the time. Putting my own life and dreams on the back burner fueled my sense of failure. The unbearable stress resulted in physical ailments including constant migraines for 16 years.more

Working with Kelly, I learned how I’d been attracting manipulative people with my energy. She showed me how I was actually impeding their progress by doing everything for them.

After energy work, toxic people in my life who had been tearing me apart suddenly vanished. I didn’t believe it was possible after an unchanging pattern for 50 years.

I’m closer to my family than I’ve ever been. My husband and adult children see the changes in me; a lightness in my personality and a smile on my face. They grew up with me always being scared and in pain. They are no longer burdened with protecting me; now I stand up for myself. I wish I could have worked with Kelly decades ago, for my family and for me. - Bonnie S., San Diego, CA

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From Anxiety, Depression & Insomnia To Healthy, Happy & Confident

Women dealing with stress

For years I suffered from anxiety/depression, low self-esteem, and intermittent insomnia. I lost my job because it was so stressful I went on disability and couldn't return to work. I was also struggling in an unhealthy relationship, and felt hopeless about my future. I went to bed worried and began my day with worry, and I was always tired. Counseling, medication, and a lot of self-help books left me still feeling sad, confused and stuck.more

During my Breakthrough day on the phone with Kelly, I learned how beliefs embedded in my subconscious were creating roadblocks to happiness and draining my energy. She guided me through releasing all the negative garbage that was keeping me unhappy and stuck. She walked me step by step to create confidence, and healthy boundaries that align with my values and empower me to live the life I want--and deserve.

In just one day I went from feeling depressed, worried and stuck to feeling happy, confident and free! It's like I've been given a "get out of jail card."

My day with Kelly has positively impacted everyone around me. Each day I wake up inspired and excited, feeling grateful, and loving myself...and life. What a difference! - Laura V., Chicago

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Debilitating Grief To Amplified Passion, Purpose, & Energy!

I lost my mom to stage 4 lung cancer pretty suddenly and surprisingly this spring. And no amount of personal development had prepared me for the grieving journey I was about to embark on. Not only did I lose my mom – I lost my mojo. My passion. My purpose. And I began disconnecting from my marriage. Grief nearly took me out.more

What happened next was nothing short of life changing. And my experiences working with Kelly through her Inner Power Breakthrough program transformed me from the inside-out.

My grief subsided. My energy returned. My passion and purpose amplified. And the beautiful clients, opportunities, and happiness I’d been feeling were somehow out of reach during my grief showed up in spades. - Lisa Steadman, Writer, Producer, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles, CA

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