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About Susie & Otto Collins

Hi, we’re Susie and Otto Collins and we’ve been helping men and women all over the world create more love and possibilities in their relationships and marriages since 1999 and we want to help you create the relationship of your dreams too.

Whether it’s been through our best-selling books and programs, our one-on-one coaching work with singles and couples or through our seminars and workshops, our mission has been to show people like you how that love doesn't have to be a struggle and relationships don't have to be filled with stress, conflict and misunderstandings.

We know how relationships that start out so loving and connected can turn empty, sour and painful in a matter of years or even months or weeks!

We’re excited to tell you that through years of research using the laboratory of our own relationship as well as others’ relationships, we’ve discovered the secrets to communicating from the heart and making your love last.

For instance, if you’re tired of not knowing what to say so that your partner understands you, we’ve identified certain words and phrases that create more openness and connection, especially when you talk about “touchy subjects,” that we put in our Magic Relationship Words book and audio program.

Along with creating healthier communication, our Breakthrough Relationship coaching clients, people who have downloaded our programs and our Relationship newsletter subscribers also get specific techniques on stopping jealousy and creating trust even after an affair.

Because we want you to enjoy the love and relationships you want, we’ve got a free gift for you. We invite you to visit our site and take us up on it!

We wish you much love, Susie and Otto Collins

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