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Energy Healer, Family Coach, Life Coach, Parenting Coach, Psychologist, Speaker/Presenter, Spiritual Healer

About Karin Monster-Peters

Drs. Karin Monster-Peters is an energy worker, psychologist and life purpose coach on a mission to transform the lives of the Highly Sensitive and the Gifted.

Life purpose coaching is not only about finding your passion and purpose in life but also creating habits, routines and rituals that support it...from passion to action!

As a psychologist Karin has specialized in supporting highly senstive people and she loves working with parents! As a mom of 3 highly sensitive childen she has been creating her life around parenting (university, masters, multiple businesses!) and she has had the pleasure of welcoming more than 700 families into her life!

She is an absolute expert at creating moments of awareness, release and healing in highly sensitive and gifted people. In doing so she aligns you with your true powerful and vibrant self for a purposeful and more balanced sensitive life.

She loves guiding men and women into deep awareness and deep healing. She uses many energy healing modalities and techniques but her greatest tool is her intuition and she has a natural healer ability that she has been perfectioning through many lifetimes!

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