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About Martina Nyamainashe

I am a Transformation Empowerment Coach and Emotion Code Practitioner who works with single and divorced women who are struggling with the relationship breakup. What I found is that going through a breakup is very difficult and painful. So many women are left feeling, unhappy, lonely, angry and frustrated at the time it takes them to recover. All they really want is to get over the pain and hurt from the breakup quickly so they can live fully and love again.

I trained as a life coach and I use my background, experience and skills to reach the broken-hearted. This is my soul path as women who were heartbroken started seeking me out before I even recognized the gift within me.

Noticing the devastating effects of breakup on women and children. And how society was treating women who were already going through a tough time of breakup I wanted to help out and make things easy for them. 

This led me to focus on creating a program that will serve the broken-hearted women who are struggling with recovering from the relationship breakup. So Transforming Empowerment Academy was birthed with the purpose of reaching out to all who are ready to heal and recover quickly from the breakup.

As an expert in this area, I work with women to help them recognize that it's not just about the breakup. There are more deep core issues associated with their struggles, and not all of them are bad. I help them to come back into themselves, knowing who they are first then empowering them to heal themselves. 

The relationship breakup is painful it causes heartbreak and many of us find it difficult to not be emotionally unstable during that time. We can easily lose it if we do not get enough emotional support. Things can turn nasty sometimes which then leads to more issues that we have to deal with. If we don't keep a check on it things can spiral down a route you never thought you will find yourself in. How we deal with the breakup when it happens matters most to the outcome and the shape of our future.

So if you are going through a breakup and you want to recover quickly and create a path of least resistance I am willing to have a chat with you visit my website to book a free breakup recover session.

If your breakup was a long time ago, a divorce, separation and you are still struggling to move on I do have something special for you too check out my website and book a free breakup recovery and we will work together to map out a way that will work for you.

Head over to my website here Transforming Empowerment For Women and book a free breakup recover session.

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