Worker Who Only Makes $1800 A Month Is Confused By The Way Her Boss Reacts When She Leaves Work On Time

She's unsure why her boss has been giving her the cold shoulder recently, but it might have to do with her leaving work on time.

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A woman on Reddit, who frequently posts about the job she currently has, recently wrote about a confrontation she had with her boss who seemingly had a problem with the way she has been behaving at work.

She claims to work at a small design company, brings home around $1,800 a month, and works during the hours of 9 AM to 6 PM — it’s not much, but it’s honest work. She, however, brings up these points to question why her boss is reacting the way she does when she clocks out.


Her boss is upset that she clocks out of work on time every day.

“Normally, I have worked late once every three months, and if busy 2 times a month. Normally I go home exactly at 6, and I always finish the job on time,” she explains in her post. “But [for the] past 3 weeks, my boss is getting pissed when I leave work. When I say ‘See [you],’ she normally replies back. But these days she barely responds. Just a ‘mhm’ in a really pissed-off tone.”

worker confused about her boss's reaction when she leaves work on timePhoto: Reddit


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It’s clear that her boss is upset with her, and although the reason isn’t entirely clear at first, it seems to have something to do with her leaving work on time. But isn’t that the goal? Her shift says that she works from 9 to 6, so what’s the fuss?

It wasn’t until the next work assignment that she figured out what the problem was. “Last time at the meeting, she told us to re-do my work based [on] some references. She said if you think [it's] not enough, you should stay late and work on it,” she explains. “I didn’t work late, but I finished it right on time and showed her today.”

Her boss told her that she doesn’t put her best effort into her work these days and asked her to redo her assignment once more. Upon completion, she once again left work on time and tried to say goodbye to her boss — she was ignored.


People think her boss is angry with her for not letting her commit wage theft.

Everyone on Reddit is convinced that her boss is simply looking to see if she’ll stay at work late in order to complete assignments, and she doesn’t seem keen on doing it. There’s no proof for this, of course, but the statistics show that this may not be far-fetched.

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According to the Economic Policy Institute, employer wage theft costs employees more than $50 billion a year. Some shocking statistics from Legal Jobs show that, more specifically, workers like the woman who posted on Reddit, are deprived of $19 billion in overtime pay every year. This is what this boss seems to be looking for.

She’s not being compensated for the time that she has to stay at work late, so she tends to finish her work right on time, every time. When asked whether or not she felt like maybe her work was actually lacking, she reassured commenters that wasn’t the case at all.


In fact, they’re given more than enough time to pore over every aspect of their work in the mornings, so there’s no reason her boss should be upset with the quality she’s putting out.

As one commenter puts it, “Everybody should be working their scheduled hours ONLY. If they need more support for the business they can hire more people or pay double for overtime.”

This woman's recent posts reveal that she’s been fed up with her job for days now, so maybe it’s time she brushed off that resume and looked for a new job.


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