Woman's Frustrating Video Reveals Why 'Moms Hate Going On Vacation'

A vacation is designed to allow you a chance to relax. However, moms on vacations are able to do anything but.

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The responsibilities when it comes to being a mother never end — not even while you are working outside the home or dare to request some time for yourself. 

Even while some mothers are on a much-deserved vacation or spending some time without the kids, many of them cannot even fully enjoy themselves due to their concerns over what is going on without them at home. Are the dishes washed? Is the laundry folded? Are the children fed and bathed? 


Without moms at home, everything tends to fall apart.

One mother took to TikTok to share the all too relatable reason exactly why mothers hate going on vacation. 

The mother revealed that she has no interest in going on a family vacation since she knows that she will be spending it picking up after everyone the entire time. 

The woman (@mainlinemusings) got real about what her life has been like for the last four years. According to the busy mother, she had not had a night to herself since October 9, 2019. Since then, she has been taking care of her children, her pets, the house, and even her husband. “I was a homemaker,” she says. 




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About three months ago, the woman claimed that she got a job working outside the house in retail, and claims that while she loves it, it has been an adjustment for her and her family. 

Since her family had planned a beach vacation before the woman got her job, she stayed behind to work for a couple of days while her family went before her. However, the woman decided to take advantage of the empty house (considering she hasn’t had a night to herself in four years) and have a night to herself before meeting her family at their vacation destination. 


Although, when she arrived home from her shift prepared to relax, she realized she would have to do anything but. 

“Look at my f–--ing house,” the woman tells viewers as she pans the camera over her sink full of unwashed dishes, clothes on the floor, mail scattered all over the table, the dishwasher unemptied and towels thrown over the couch. 

The condition her house was in left the woman feeling “livid.” Considering that her kids are “old enough to take care of themselves,” the woman believed that it was more than fair that they and her husband cleaned up their own messes

“I just wanted to be able to come back from vacation to a clean house,” the frustrated mother says. She adds that she is tired of being “everyone’s frontal lobe” in her family since they neglect to be mindful of their messes. 

The woman decided to call her husband to vent about how he had left the house. He explained that he hadn’t had the time to tidy up the house before he left since he “had to get a haircut.” The woman responded brilliantly, telling him, “Welcome to my life for the last 15 years!” 


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She was baffled by her husband’s inconsideration toward her. “If he hadn’t had a night off in four f–--ing years, I wouldn’t do this!” she says. 

Now, she is not looking forward to meeting her family on their vacation knowing that she will likely have to spend it cleaning up after them. 

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“If I go to our beach house and I see a sock on the floor, I see one spoon in the sink, I’m gonna give them hugs, I’m gonna give them kisses, and I’m turning my f–--ing a-– around, and I’m coming back home,” the woman shares. 

For all the women considering getting married and having a family, she warns them that while she has no regrets and loves her family, they should be fully aware of what their life might look like. 

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Other women know the mother’s struggles and hatred of going on vacation with the family all too well. 

“It’s the inconsiderate, ‘I was too busy taking care of me to think of you’ attitude that too many kids and husbands have. Then they get surprised when you get mad,” one TikTok user pointed out. “I love my kids but I resent the hell out of motherhood and the insane responsibilities placed on us. I’m divorced for this reason,” another user commented. 


Other people encouraged the woman to instead book herself a hotel, a massage, and room service all to herself to enjoy a solo vacation.

If anyone deserves a vacation that they won’t hate, it’s moms who bend over backward to take care of everyone else around them. 

According to Pew Research Center, married women with children who work outside the home spend about 11 hours per week providing childcare. Stay-at-home married moms spend an average of 20 hours per week. Additionally, full-time working mothers spend over 1.7 hours a day doing housework, while working fathers spend 1.2 hours.

A vacation is intended to be a time for one to unwind from the daily stresses and responsibilities of life, yet somehow, most moms find themselves still chasing after their children with a tube of sunscreen on the beach and picking up their dirty swimsuits off the hotel floors while their husbands slip away to get a drink at the pool bar or to hit a few golf balls. 


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It is no wonder that they usually enjoy their vacations while mothers need a very long nap after the trip. 

It is time to challenge the stereotype that women are the primary caretakers, even on vacations, and instead use the time to reward them with a spa day, or set up a lounge chair on the beach while their partners take the kids for a while and tidy up the room. 


A family vacation should be for the family, and that includes the mother who more often than not makes it all happen in the first place. 

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