Woman Upset That Her Husband Won't Refer To Her As An 'Author' Despite Her Successful Publishing Career

She's got an entire volume of books published, but her husband doesn't think she deserves the title.

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A woman wonders if she's wrong to call herself an author after her husband refused to use the title.

Posting to the "r/AmITheA--hole" subReddit, she explained how she and her husband ended up arguing about this.

In her post, she explained that after seeing a recent viral Reddit post about a man who insists on being called a pilot even though he isn't one, she wondered if her husband would call her "author."


His refusal left her wondering if she was wrong to even consider herself an author.

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The woman's husband refused to call her an author because she doesn't make her living from writing, even though she has six published young adult novels.

She explained that she told her husband, whom she's been with for 15 years, she would be "proud" to be introduced as an author when they meet people.


She added that he could refer to her as "a government employee, BUT also an author" if he'd prefer, but that she'd love to be recognized for her writing work.

At just 31 years old, she has already written seven books and published six, all in the "fantasy genre for teenagers and young adults," as she described them.

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She works with four different publishers in Canada, has won awards, and also appears at book fairs and does speaking engagements.

All of her books have been published by legitimate publishing houses, and even been published in French as well. 


But while her books generate between $2000 and $5000 for her each year, like most authors, she doesn't make her entire living as a writer. 

For this reason, her husband says she shouldn't be called an "author."

He also rationalized that people might be upset if they later found out writing was "just a hobby" for his wife.

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Most Reddit commenters agreed the author's husband was dead wrong, and many felt his response was disrespectful and sexist.

Several couldn't believe the husband's hesitation given how much success the author has had with her books.

"You wrote seven books?" one person wrote. "Has he ever written any books? No? Then he can stfu."


The commenter added, "Not everyone can write, and not everyone can even finish a book. He's being dismissive and disrespectful of your achievements."

Many others firmly agreed. One person joked the author should "mention that you might like to start telling people that you are a newly single author."

Others pointed out that the author's success makes her writing for more than a mere hobby.

"If you get paid for it, it isn't a hobby," one commenter wrote. "Your husband sounds jealous."

And some suggested she should keep the money entirely to herself, since her husband seems so unappreciative. 

As one person put it, "I would hold the money you receive for each book in a separate account. If it's just a hobby and not relevant, then he shouldn't benefit from it."


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Others pointed out that even if she didn't make any money, artists routinely have regular jobs to pay the bills—but they're still artists.

One man wrote, "my wife still tells people I’m a musician despite the fact I haven’t been in a touring band for five years, because that’s who I am."

Another person added, "I...work in digital marketing bullsh-t. I am a painter though."


And one person pointed out that even big-name authors often never make enough money to write full-time. 

"I know a [New York Times] best-selling author. He had a day job until he retired. He’s written loads of books." They added, "You are an author!"

Pretty hard to argue with that.

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