Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Wearing White To A Wedding After Getting 'Tricked' By Bride

The bride said it was a 'friendship test'.

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A woman is taking to Reddit to ask for advice after a nasty argument with her friend on her wedding day.

After arguing over the color of the dress she wore to watch her friend get married, she went to Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A--hole?) thread to ask people for their opinions.

The woman wore a white dress to the wedding after being ‘tricked’ by the bride.

In her post, she explained in her post that the bride, who is named Charlotte, has been her close friends since their time in college. 


Charlotte has been quite detailed about her wedding and has been planning it for the past 18 months. The woman wrote that she has been helping out Charlotte a lot — even contributing financially.

She wrote, “I also gave her $250 to help pay for the wedding (her family can only afford part of it) which isn’t included in the wedding gift I’m going to give her.”

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Charlotte had mentioned that she would have a photographer, videographer and a wedding painter at the wedding. As a result, the woman wanted to look her best so, she asked for Charlottle's input.


Charlotte took her time going through the woman's choices but eventually turned her attention to the pile of dresses that the woman had put in her "no" pile — a pile where she was keeping dresses that weren't appropriate for the wedding.

“She ended up narrowing it down to one of my picks, along with a dress I had put firmly in the ‘no’ pile for being white,” the woman wrote on Reddit.

However, Charlotte liked the white dress and asked the woman to wear that, even giving her a pair of her shoes to borrow. The woman had been unsure and even asked Charlotte if she was alright with it but Charlotte insisted that she approved the outfit.

But, on Charlotte's wedding day, she had a different reaction.

The woman showed up at the wedding in the white dress that was decided by Charlotte, however, she received numerous strange looks from people. 


The woman wrote, “When Charlotte comes out of her dressing room for some [last-minute] pictures, she looks shocked to see me, and then she starts turning red.”

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Charlotte yelled at the woman and asked her why she wore a white dress.

“I ask her what the problem is, because SHE picked the dress out, and she told me it was a ‘friendship test’ and that if we were real friends then I wouldn’t have worn a white dress or her shoes to her wedding,” the woman wrote.

At first, the woman thought Charlotte was joking, however, she was being quite serious. After much yelling and fighting, the bride kicked the woman out of her wedding.


Redditors agreed that the woman wasn’t the one in the wrong.

At first glance, many people thought that the woman might have been wrong to ruin her friend’s wedding. However, after reading the entire story, they claimed that the woman could not have anticipated this reaction from Charlotte.

One user wrote, “If that's a ‘friendship test’ then Charlotte failed miserably. Real friends don't test each other like that.”

Another user wrote, “What? She doesn't sound mature enough to get married. What kind of friend does that? Didn't she ever give you any clues prior to this that she was such a bizarre friend?” 


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