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Woman Asks If She's Wrong For Telling Stepdaughter She's 'Lucky' She Treats Her As Her Own Child Even Though She's A 'Burden'

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Mom and daughter

A debate has been sparked once again in Reddit’s “Am I the A–Hole?” community after a recent post from a stepmom.

AITA is a place where folks can vent all of their moral frustrations, but don’t get it twisted — it is definitely not a subreddit where you can expect sympathy. 

Users in this community post about confrontations they’ve had, and others get to decide whether they are right or wrong.

Family drama and conflict are popular topics on the site. So, one user used this as an opportunity to vent her frustrations about her stepdaughter. 

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She complained that the stepdaughter was a 'burden.'

The post began with the woman detailing a basic description of the family — she's 44 and shares a 2-year-old and 3-year-old with her husband as well as her bonus daughter from her husband's previous relationship, an 18-year-old named Emily.

Pay attention to the words she uses, "bonus daughter," because it is important to understand the type of relationship they have formed with each other. 

She wrote that Emily had been living with them for 6 months after she was kicked out of her mother’s home, “since they didn’t have a good relationship and her mother said she was too problematic.”

The 44-year-old continued in the post by mentioning that she bought basic necessities for Emily, “this include[d] work shoes, comforter sets for her bed, hair products, clothing and underwear.”

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Despite this, Emily was described as having been a burden to the family.

"She has become entitled and whenever she needs anything financially she will ask either myself or my husband,” the woman writes.

Apparently, Emily’s decision to quit her job was not a good one, according to the stepmom. Emily expressed to her that “she didn’t like her coworkers”, but she did not really care. 

“[Emily] has taken most of my savings, taken the time from my children to my husband and used that time for herself and had been extremely unappreciative for what I’ve done for her.”

The stepmother wanted Emily to figure out a living plan. She was not content with Emily going to school online. She says Emily's schooling, “wasn’t enough since there are more hours in the day and she can do more than just be lazy all day and use her computer as an excuse.”

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Emily told her that she was jealous of her relationship with her own father. In response, she “reminded her that she’s living in our home rent-free.”

“I told her that she should be lucky that I treat her as my own because not everyone would do such with their stepchild.”

The stepmother ended the post by admitting her husband thought she was wrong for what she said. She couldn’t understand his sentiments, she was more focused on the fact that Emily’s 18 years old.

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It seems like a case of the evil stepmother from Cinderella. 

The majority of the folks in the comment section were in disagreement with the woman, deeming her “the A–hole”. 

“It’s harsh because she isn’t taking time away from his kids - she IS his kid. This is something dad needs to handle. YTA,” said one user.

Another user commented on the woman’s relationship with Emily, “You most certainly do not treat her as one of your own; if you did, then you wouldn’t have said that to her.”

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