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Woman Surprises Her Grandmother With Touching Pregnancy Announcement After 6 Years Of Infertility

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Samantha Chadwick, June

A woman from Queensland, Australia shared a heartwarming and emotional video of her grandmother's reaction to hearing she was pregnant.

27-year-old Samantha Chadwick decided to go all out when telling her 90-year-old grandmother, June, that she was expecting and would finally become a mother after years of trying with no results.

She shared the news of being pregnant with her grandmother after six years of infertility.

In a video shared by Chadwick, the mom-to-be managed to surprise her grandmother with the exciting news that she was expecting after a long battle with infertility and the belief that she would never actually have a child of her own.

Chadwick had brought her grandmother a box full of baby clothes, and as she pulled out a onesie, her grandmother looking on in confusion and shock, she announced the exhilarating news that June had been waiting to hear for quite some time.

"I'm pregnant," Chadwick told her, holding up the baby item.

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Overwhelmed with emotion, Chadwick's grandmother immediately covered her face as she became emotional upon hearing her granddaughter's words. June admitted that she had been thinking of asking Chadwick to consider adoption since she knew how hard the journey to become pregnant had been for her. 

"I didn't [know] either!" Chadwick agreed. "Nan, I'm 9 weeks today." She didn't stop there with the good news, pulling out another baby onesie and proclaiming that not only was she having a baby, but it was going to be twins.

June didn't hesitate in pulling Chadwick in for an emotional embrace as the two celebrated this monumental occasion of her being pregnant with twins. June acknowledged that Chadwick's mother, who had passed away six years ago, had sent the twins as a gift from above. 

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She explained that her grandmother had always wanted her to become a mother.

According to Mirror UK, Chadwick, who works as a social worker in Australia, admitted that her grandmother had been the one hoping and praying that she would one day be blessed with children and have the opportunity to become a mother herself.

"It wasn't until I went for my first scan that I found out that there were two in there. My nan always said I'd be a good mum as my mum who passed away six years ago was a teacher of young children her whole life and all my life I have worked with kids and have loved being around them," she told the news outlet. "She's still so excited and calls me all the time to make sure me and the babies are okay. I have read comments to her and she's seen other videos I have posted about it."

Many people shared similar opinions in the comments section, expressing their joy at Chadwick's announcement and her grandmother's sweet and touching reaction.

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"Oh my, this is beautiful! I’m a total believer that her mother sent the twins to her," one Instagram user wrote.

Another user added, "Truly hope everything goes well with your pregnancy, may you and your family always be blessed."

"I didn't expect to cry over my toast and coffee this morning but here I am," a third user joked.

At its core, Chadwick's heartening story is a testament to the power of unconditional love and compassion that can exist within a family.

June's unwavering faith in her granddaughter's dreams and Chadwick's determination to share her joy in such a memorable way exemplify the profound emotional connections that family members can share.

Her journey can serve as a reminder that even through the most tumultuous times, it's our loved ones, whether it's family or close friends, that can give us the strength to persevere, and hopefully, her journey into motherhood is filled with the same love and support!

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