Woman Says She's Tired Of People Trying To Convince Her To Not Be 'Child-Free' — 'Trust That I Know Myself'

A woman's role isn't just to have children.

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A woman shared that she is tired of being told how her life should turn out after having a frustrating conversation with a male colleague at work.

In a video, TikTok user @honeyandmud shared that she had been having a conversation about children with a male coworker. When she explained her stance on having children and becoming a parent herself, she was met with a dismissive response that led her to rant about the lack of respect for how other people choose to live their lives.


She claimed that she's tired of people trying to convince her to have children despite voicing her desire to never have any.

"I was chatting with a guy at work today, and he asked me if I have any kids to which I responded with, 'Oh no, I'm not gonna have children,'" she began her video. "He kind of laughs and he's like, 'Oh, you say that now but never say never!'"



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She again reiterated that she doesn't see herself having children at any point in her life, explaining that she's 35 years old and has never envisioned herself becoming a parent and doesn't think it will ever change in her future. Instead of accepting her answer and dropping the subject, her male colleague continued to laugh her off and say that there is always a possibility that she'll have kids.

The conversation with her male colleague sparked a conversation that she wanted to have with viewers, where she pointed out that anytime someone says they're child-free, other people, usually parents, seem to think that decision is something child-free adults will regret.

She continued, saying that these opinions are ludicrous and come across as people thinking they know more about an adult's decision to be child-free and how they choose to live their life better than they know themselves.

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"Do you not think we know ourselves?" she questioned. "Do you not think we understand this decision, have thought about this decision, and have our reasons as to why we don't want to be a parent or bring a child into this world?"

Women who choose to be child-free are often met with pressure to change their minds and become mothers.

Many women often face societal pressure to settle down by a certain age, get married, and start a family. However, there are a plethora of women around the world who know without a doubt that they don't want to be mothers.

There is a traditional expectation that women should become mothers and that motherhood is a central aspect of their identity. This expectation is often reinforced by societal norms, cultural beliefs, and traditional gender roles.

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In an interview with Daily Dot, TikTok user @honeyandmud revealed that she will often hear criticisms of being child-free from both men and women.

"Females seem to feel some strange sense of pity like they might pat my head and say ‘poor dear’ in some disgustingly condescending tone,” she explained. “Whereas males seem to respond more as though I’ve got a few screws loose like I must not be right in the head and therefore quite incapable of coming to this sound decision on my own.”

Women should have the freedom to make choices about their own lives, including whether or not to have children.

Pressuring women to conform to societal expectations regarding motherhood undermines their autonomy and disregards their right to decide what path is best for them.


Society should instead aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment that respects and celebrates the multitude of ways in which women can lead meaningful and fulfilling lives.

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