Woman's Scathing Comeback To Man Criticizing Unmarried Women Over 32 Has The Internet Applauding Her

Marriage and children do not determine a woman's success and fulfillment in life.

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After a man shares the advice his father gave him regarding women, a woman was quick to call his "daddy" out and now others are praising her for her statements and for shutting down any false perceptions people may have about unmarried, childless women

The woman had a scathing comeback for a man criticizing unmarried women over the age of 32. 

In a TikTok video that has been viewed over 3 million times, a man reveals the absurd declarations his father disclosed to him about women in their early 30s who were not yet married and childless. The man shared the unconventional advice in front of an audience gathered in a large venue. 


“My father told me that if a woman’s over 32, never been married, never had kids there’s something wrong with her,” he says. Murmurs and gasps sweep the crowd upon hearing the man’s words. 

But one audience member takes it upon herself to clap back at the man’s father’s statements and prove him wrong in an unwavering response. “All right, tell your daddy that if you find a woman who is 32 years old, don’t have any kids, never been married, tell your daddy that she’s educated!” she says into a microphone. 



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The audience roars in applause, agreeing with the woman’s remarks. She goes on to explain that even if a woman is childless at 32, does not mean that she will never have children, but she may rather wait for an appropriate time when she is more financially stable to support them.

“She’s planning to make financial decisions so she can afford the children that she has and send them to college instead of having them standing at the L stop!” the woman continues. “She can drive a Lexus to work!” 

“Tell your Daddy that the woman is a boss!” *queue mic drop* 

Other people praised the woman in the comments section of the video, sharing their own success stories of being in their early thirties unmarried, and childless. 

“Preach it! It’s called having standards,” one user commented. 


“I'm 32 with No kids and have never been married. Guess who is going to the Caribbean for a month with their PTO,” another user revealed.

“I’m about to be 32, no kids, no ex, no problem,” another user claimed. 

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The number of single and childless women has gone up over the years. 

As time has gone on, the number of women opting not to get married or have children has increased dramatically. A 2019 Morgan Stanley piece that highlighted women’s impact on the American economy noted that 45% of women between the ages of 25 to 44 will be single and childless by the time 2030 comes around. 


Additionally, the number of single women is expected to rise by 1.2% each year. According to economist Ellen Zenter, quoted in the Morgan Stanley article, more women are dedicating themselves to full-time work, therefore having less time for relationships and motherhood. “These shifting lifestyle norms are enabling more women, with or without children, to work full time,” Zenter has said. 

Unmarried and childless women also devote themselves to other activities, including travel, nightlife, and dining out. Many of them are far from dissatisfied with their lives and would disagree with the man’s father’s beliefs that there is “something wrong” with them. 

In fact, single and childless women are among some of the happiest groups of people in our society, according to a behavioral scientist professor at the London School of Economics, Paul Dolan. 

Dolan has told Psychology Today that recent data shows that “long-established, traditional symbols of success did not necessarily correlate with happiness levels,” or, in other words, getting married and having children does not equate to fulfillment in some women, and they are much more content remaining single and childless. 


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Women have their reasons for electing to be single with no children even in their thirties, whether it be the desire to travel, achieve more at work or focus more on their own personal health. No man has the place to declare that there must be “something wrong” with her, as she is very much a boss woman for boldly defying societal norms to do what she feels is best for herself. 

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