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Pregnant Woman Reveals That Her Baby Will Have 3 Parents — Her, Her Husband And His Girlfriend

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A pregnant woman on TikTok is raising eyebrows after sharing that her unborn baby will have three parents — her, her husband, and her husband’s girlfriend.

The woman shared her story to confused viewers and explained her family’s situation. 

She is in a polyamorous relationship with her husband and his girlfriend.

The woman, who is 30 weeks pregnant with her first child, has posted several videos to her TikTok account (@cliquebaittv5) detailing her polyamorous marriage with her husband. 

 “Yes, I’m polyamorous and pregnant,” the woman wrote in a textpost over a video featuring herself, her husband, and her husband’s girlfriend.  

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She claims that she has been married to her husband for 14 years and they have a polyamorous relationship. 

She refers to the woman beside her in the video as her husband’s girlfriend, however, she says that she is dating her as well. 

“I date him, he dates her, I date her, and we’re ALL so excited to spoil this baby TOGETHER,” the woman wrote. 

The woman claimed in a separate video while she and her husband were dating their girlfriend, she became pregnant. She asked her husband if their girlfriend could move into their home so they could raise the baby together. 



Their girlfriend is not the only person the couple is dating. 

The woman revealed that she and her husband have three other girlfriends. They all appear to get along. 

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The woman says that she is not concerned about her husband leaving her for one of the girlfriends since she dates them as well. 

Additionally, she is not worried about her girlfriends or husband leaving after she gives birth. 

In fact, she says she “hopes” that they leave her be to recover while they all swap turns caring for the baby. 



“It takes a village to support a baby,” the woman wrote. “So even though we may not ‘do it right,’ we do it for love.” 

The woman says that she has dealt with her fair share of hate and concern from TikTok viewers, with her previous account being reported and banned from the platform. 

“Even though it’s [the relationship] all consensual and legal, bet I’ll get my account banned again just because of our relationship,” the woman wrote in a textpost in a TikTok video. 

“This type of relationship is okay for others to post about and even though I don’t break community guidelines, bet I’ll get banned again.” 



Some TikTok users expressed their disapproval of the woman’s polyamorous relationship. 

“This is gonna end well,” one user sarcastically commented. 

“So wrong,” another user wrote. “Poor baby doesn’t deserve this,” another user shared. 

“This can’t be real. Now I think they’re playing a joke on everyone! The one girl looks like a teenager,” another wrote. 

However, other users did not see anything wrong with the woman’s relationship.

“I don’t see anything wrong with it. A happy relationship is a healthy relationship,” one user pointed out. 

“If you’re all happy, that’s all that matters,” another user wrote. 

“I think having more than two parents is a gift,” another user shared. 

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