Woman Says Her WiFi Was Suddenly Switched Off By A Service Provider Employee After She Didn't Respond To His Date Request

One of the reasons why women are often scared to reject a man's romantic advances.

Shelby @shelbyroseolson / TikTok

A woman revealed an unsettling experience she had with a service provider employee who helped install Wi-Fi in her apartment.

In a TikTok video, Shelby shared how she realized that something was off with her Wi-Fi a couple of months after she had gotten it installed by a tech employee at AT&T. At first, she didn't think anything nefarious was going on but was quickly frightened after learning the truth.


The service provider employee cut her WiFi after she ignored his request to go on a date.

"I seriously can't make this up," Shelby incredulously stated at the beginning of her video, referring to the unhinged interaction she had with an AT&T tech guy who had asked her on a date. She explained that three months ago she had scheduled an appointment at AT&T to get Wi-Fi installed in her home.

"So the AT&T tech came and helped me,” Shelby recalled. “He was super cool [and] laid back." While the initial interaction with the service provider employee had been pleasant, it wasn't until he left her apartment that the issues began.


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She claimed that as soon as he was gone, she received a text from him asking if she would want to get drinks with him sometime. Shelby ended up not responding to the date request because she didn't want to go out with him.

Thinking nothing of it, three months go by, and Shelby recounted sitting on her bed and watching TV when all of a sudden, her Wi-Fi goes out. "I’m trying to fiddle with this thing to get it to work. Can’t get it to work. So I finally schedule another appointment and I had a different tech guy come out."


When the second tech guy came to her apartment, Shelby noticed that she was spending quite a long time trying to figure out what was wrong with her Wi-Fi. After a while, he came back to her, laughing, and asked if she had a relationship with anyone who worked as a service provider for AT&T.

When Shelby said that she didn't, the tech guy explained that the issue with her Wi-Fi was a damaged wire that could only have been tampered with by someone who works for AT&T, since they are the only ones who would have access to it.

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To make matters worse, the tech guy told her that the box for her Wi-Fi was directly outside of her apartment window, which means that the previous service provider employee must've been watching Shelby in her apartment while he cut her Wi-Fi.


"That means that this man was watching me in my apartment. Most likely pissed off that I never responded to him wanting to get drinks. And took my Wi-Fi from me, what the f-k?” Shelby proclaimed in disbelief.

Shelby's startling experience shows why women are often fearful of rejecting a man's romantic advances.

According to data acquired by the World Health Organization, globally about 1 in 3 (30%) of women worldwide have been subjected to either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

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That frightening statistic and the traumatic experiences that many women have had with men, especially in settings where they are attempting to reject a man's unwanted romantic advances, are one of the reasons why women often feel scared for their lives.


There are more stories than someone could count of women facing violence and aggression from men whom they have rejected. Women might have even encountered situations where their attempts to reject someone were not respected, and they were dismissed, ridiculed, or even blamed for the advances. 

The unfairness of women frequently facing fear for their lives or safety after rejecting a man's advances highlights deep-rooted societal issues and disparities that need to be addressed. Gender-based violence and the unequal power dynamics between men and women perpetuate an environment where some men feel entitled to control and dominate women, leading to harmful consequences.

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