Woman Kicks Friend Out Of Her Party Because She Kept Calling Her Boyfriend 'Daddy' & Asks If She Overreacted

Should she have kicked her out?

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Parties can sometimes be awkward. Finding new people to have a conversation with, spewing small talk above often blaring music, or just figuring out what to do with your hands: hold your phone or drink or hold both?

Typically, a small hangout of around 20 people you know should not be awkward. However, one person’s confrontation with a partygoer and her boyfriend is a testament to that.

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A woman kicked a friend out of her party for repeatedly calling her boyfriend “daddy.”

The 24-year-old shared a post detailing the experience to Reddit’s “r/AmItheA--hole” (AITA), a subreddit dedicated to people asking others if they acted appropriately in a situation or like an “a--hole.”

She shared that a 23-year-old at the party, whom she labeled as an acquaintance, came with a boyfriend. 

All was well at the party at first. They were sitting in the home’s main room and eating pizza when the acquaintance plopped herself down onto her boyfriend’s lap.

She wrote that she found it “a little weird since there were open seats, but I didn’t say anything.”


The party continued as normal until she started to refer to the boyfriend as “daddy.”

“‘Daddy just bought me a new stand mixer,’” she recalls her guest saying. “‘Daddy looks so handsome in this shirt,” she added.

She thought it was a joke at first.

Initially, she and the partygoers laughed it off, believing she could not be serious. However, when the woman did not stop, she spoke up.

“I asked her if she could save the pet names for home because some of us were feeling uncomfortable,” she wrote. 

The girlfriend became agitated, and she began making a “big deal” out of her call-out of what she labeled just a “nickname.” She even accused her of “sl-t-shaming.”


She countered that it wasn’t her intention, but the girlfriend didn’t relent until she asked her and her boyfriend to leave the party.

Then the boyfriend got upset at her request. Eventually, they both left.

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People at the party supported her decision.

“A few of my friends who didn’t know the girl I kicked thanked me for making her leave,” she wrote.

The party was less uncomfortable after the ordeal, but she shared that it still put a stain on the rest of the night. 

“We all felt kind of awkward because of what happened,” she added. She asked the Reddit community if she “overreacted” in this situation.


Many people agree with the user.

There was overwhelming support, labeling the poster “NTA,” which stands for “Not The A--hole.” 

“The girl failed at being a good guest at your party. She was informed politely to save the pet names for home. Then, she said you were slut-shaming her. Interesting choice of thought from her, yes?” one user wrote.

Many others bring attention to the user being accused of “sl-t-shaming.”

The Cambridge Dictionary defines “sl-t-shame” as “to talk about a woman’s sexual behavior in order to embarrass her and make people disapprove of her.”

But many commenters point out that the accusation of “sl-t-shaming” proves that “daddy” is more sexually charged than what the girlfriend defined as just a “nickname.”


“Her bringing up sl-t-shaming proves that it wasn’t just a nickname, it was a sexual name and they were making you ALL a part of their kink without your consent,” one person commented.

“It’s not sl-t-shaming, it’s kink-shaming. And kink-shaming should be encouraged when people are engaging in their kinks in public without the consent of the people around them,” another added.

Just because partners feel comfortable calling each other names does not mean everyone else shares that belief. Unless you know the people you are with well enough to know it is permissible, you should keep those things private.

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