Woman Laughs As She Explains The Reason Her Ex Who Makes Over $100K Per Year Took Her To Court For Full Custody Of Their Teenage Daughter

She claims that he will most likely continue trying to take her to court for full custody.

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A mom had a surprising reaction to the news that her ex-husband was trying to take her to court to gain full custody of their teenage daughter.

In a TikTok video, the mom claimed that she found the entire situation amusing, especially after revealing the out-of-pocket reason behind her ex's decision to fight for custody.

She claimed that her ex-husband only fought for full custody to avoid paying child support.

"So my ex, who makes over $100,000 a year, took me to court for full custody so he doesn't have to pay $320 a month for our teenage daughter," she began in her video. While the news might have been upsetting for other parents, this mom wasn't the least bit fazed by her ex-husband's actions.


Instead, she openly chuckled at the idea, finding humor in the situation, especially since she knew his custody case wouldn't hold any water in court, which she explained in a follow-up video.



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After receiving traction and a plethora of comments from people who wanted to know more details, she quickly answered all of the inquiries and provided more background on why her ex-husband tried to fight for full custody.

Despite her ex-husband losing the court battle for full custody, she knows he won't stop.

She explained that he had taken her to court with a lawyer, while she refused to hire one because she "knew it was bogus." She recalled walking into the courtroom and noticing that even the judge looked a bit exasperated by the case, which the mom admitted was how she felt as well.

"In her findings, because he tried to say that I was hiding money on him, which I was not, the judge found out that he was hiding about $10,000 that he didn't claim on his income tax," she revealed. After the judge found out about the money he hadn't claimed on his taxes, the mom claimed that, at this point, she just wanted to be done with her ex-husband.



Instead of making him pay the child support at all, she offered him the chance to disappear from her life and stop calling, texting, and emailing her, which has been going on for the last seven years since they separated. "He said if he's going to hell, I'm going with him and to join the club. That's where we are," she continued.


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"I'm sure he's going to be dragging me through court again, so it's just an endless routine that has been like that for seven years."

Unfortunately, while this woman's ex-husband may not see it now, this vendetta against wanting to pay child support will only harm his relationship with his daughter in the long run.

It's clear that he's taking his anger and frustrations with his ex-wife out on his child and his role as a parent, because no matter how you feel about your former spouse, the decision to provide money that can go toward the care of your child should trump everything and anything.


Rather than trying to peacefully work out the situation, this woman's ex-husband is only creating more turmoil, and not only potentially poisoning his relationship with his daughter but also creating a toxic relationship with the mother of his child. In the midst of his dispute with her, the well-being of his teenage daughter should be the motivation behind attempting to seek full custody instead of a ploy to get out of paying child support.

Children always bear the brunt of family disputes, whether their young or in their teenage years.

This woman's teenage daughter deserves to have a peaceful and loving environment while surrounded by her parents, especially since they are no longer together, and amid custody battles and child support disputes, the concern should always fall on a child.


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