Woman Emails Her Late Father For Advice & Receives An Unexpected Response

She assumed that no one else could see the emails, until one day someone replied with a bittersweet message.

Rax King, father, email @raxkingisdead / Instagram 

After her father passed away, a woman began sending messages to his email address asking for advice and letting him know how much she missed him. Since her father was no longer around to answer the emails, the woman assumed that she would never get a response — until one day, whe she received a reply from someone on the other end. who claimed to have memories of her and her father after seeing them at his work.


The woman received a response from someone who allegedly worked with her father.

Rax King took to Twitter to share a photo of the bittersweet email she received from the unknown person. 

“Hi, I’m sure you remember me. I want you to know that I never read these emails because I can tell they are very personal. But I do see them coming in and I can see that you must still miss your dad terribly,” the email reads. 

“I want you to know that he loved you more than anything. Watching the two of you together wisecracking, razzing each other, cussing each other out, it was obvious that you were cut from the exact same cloth.” 


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Rax King email responsePhoto: Twitter

The person added that watching King and her late father interact was like “watching a Mel Brooks movie.” 

The person recognizes the deep love that King and her father had for one another, and how special it was to witness such a bond. 


“I know that my memories can’t replace what you had with your dad. It was so special that you were able to have such a close relationship. Not everybody has that with their dad,” they shared. 

“But I hope that it is a comfort to you that the people in your father’s life (goofballs like me) loved the two of you together as much as you loved each other.” 

After reading the email, King tweeted that she was “currently sobbing in the office bathroom” due to the emotions it brought out in her. 

People were deeply moved by the email King received. 


“Oh, dude. That’s…wonderful,” one Twitter user commented.

“Oh my god. I’m so sorry for your loss and thank you for sharing this,” another user wrote. 

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People shared their own experiences of losing a parent and how their grief has impacted them. 

“My dad has been gone six years and I miss him every day. I wish that he had had an email that I could write to like this. I miss him so much,” one user revealed. 

“I lost my dad a few years ago and still talk to him; I miss him terribly. I got an email from his colleagues right after he passed telling me they’ll always remember him in the 80s doing ‘In the Still of the Night’ at karaoke one night,” another user wrote. “Thank you for sharing this - I empathize.” 


“I’m so sorry for your loss. My dad died suddenly 2 1/2 years ago, and before we turned off his phone I would call him and leave voicemails every so often. I just wanted to hear his voice on the outgoing message,” another user shared. 

While every person grieves differently, messaging a deceased loved one may be an effective coping mechanism.

Some may find it comforting to continue to have conversations with their loved ones, even if they know they will never receive a response back, and it will help them adjust to the loss. 

“When a loved one dies, we find it hard to adjust immediately to the fact that they are no longer physically with us,” psychologist Ingrid Collins told The Mirror. “In the first stages of grief, we tend to become emotionally numb as a result of the trauma of bereavement, often finding it difficult to accept that they are really gone.” 


“Be it imaginary, as some believe, or communicating with the lingering soul of the loved one, as others believe. Either way, it is a way of softening the harsh reality of never being in their physical presence again." 

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