Woman Claims There's A 'Quiet Code' For Letting Others Know If You're A Republican Or Not

If you're looking for love, the "Quiet Code" may determine which side of the political aisle you're on.

Austin Archer talking about Non-Lib Take's conservative "Quiet Code" on TikTok @yourpal_austin / @nonlibtake / TikTok

Austin Archer recently posted a video on TikTok where he stitched another woman’s video about the conservative “Quiet Code.” Dubbed “Non-Lib Take #36,” she explained what this Quiet Code is.

Archer, a content creator, actor, and musician, decided to take his viewers on a journey through some of the codes she described, many of which he feels are not as secret as she may think they are.

The conservative 'Quiet Code' is a way for Republicans to identify each other in public.

“So I don’t know if liberals realize that Republicans are constantly speaking to each other in code out in public,” she said in her video. “We leave little clues for each other that only we will pick up on. This is so we can identify each other out in the wild. I call this, ‘The Quiet Code.’”


Archer tells his viewers to strap in because she’s about to explain some of “The Quiet Code’s”... well, code, but it’s not exactly quiet.



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Her first point is that if a man has “moderate” as his political views in a dating app, “He is a keeper because he is most likely a Republican.”

According to a recent Gallup poll, published in January 2022, approximately 4 in 10 Americans identify as moderate. However, American politics differ in relation to the rest of the world, which is why she believes that “Moderates” actually lean right, but everyone else in America knows that as well.

Next is the speed round, where she says that a guy driving a pickup truck, as well as a guy who sends tweets from an account like “user12437,” because that means he was afraid to like anything on Twitter lest he be publicly shamed, means he is a Republican.

Archer interjects, reassuring viewers that it seems like this woman is entirely serious, and he’s having a good time making fun of it as someone who appears to be left-leaning.


But although this “Quiet Code” is not actually something that’s entirely quiet, it does touch on a subject that in recent years has been a prevalent issue in the dating world.

As she goes on to talk about how men who have Joe Rogan in their recently played on Spotify, or those who make references to Jordan Peterson, are somehow secretly Republican, I found myself thinking about the importance of finding someone who shares your political views.



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Republican women deserve to find partners that share their political views.

With just how polarizing the United States political spectrum is, it’s easy to get lost in bashing the other side of the aisle and ignoring the fact that we’re all human. Most people seek companionship, and now more than ever, politics have become dealbreakers when it comes to dating.

According to a 2020 YouGov Poll, 86% of respondents claim that it has become more difficult to date someone who supports the opposite political party in the last few years.

According to a Pew Research Center report from April 2020, 71% of respondents said they probably or definitely would not consider being in a committed relationship with someone who voted for Donald Trump.


Instead of bashing the woman and her “Quiet Code” for not being so quiet, people should realize that she’s just trying to look out for other women on the dating scene. She probably could have gone about it better, like maybe not using the “Quiet Code” as a means to trash “the libs,” or maybe not calling it the quiet code at all, considering these identifiers are pretty loud.

However, at the end of the day, everyone looking for love deserves to find it, no matter their political affiliation.

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Isaac Serna-Diez is an Assistant Editor for YourTango who focuses on entertainment and news, social justice, and politics.