Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong To Call Police On Pregnant Sister Who Stole From Her Stillborn Baby’s Bedroom

She wouldn't allow her sister to disrupt her comfort room.

Woman Wonders If She Was Wrong To Call Police After Her Pregnant Sister Stole Things From Her Rainbow Baby’s Room Natalia Deriabina / Shutterstock

A 27-year-old woman finds herself in a difficult spot after she got her pregnant sister arrested for theft. 

The woman tragically lost a baby of her own 30 minutes after she was born last year. To help her and her husband cope with the pain, they have kept the room they made for their baby, Angel, together.

However, the items in the room have now caused a lot of drama with her sister.

Her sister ended up stealing from the room she kept to remember the baby she lost.

Feeling conflicted herself, the woman posted to the subreddit r/AmItheA**hole (AITA) to see what internet strangers had to say about her predicament.


She explains that a month after she lost her baby, her sister announced that she was pregnant. Her sister and brother-in-law had been experiencing financial hardships because of COVID, and they asked the woman if they could have some items from the woman’s empty baby room. 

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“My niece is due soon and my sister approached me and said ever since COVID hit, her and her husband have been struggling financially and she can't afford bassinet and clothes and if she can use Angel things,” the woman wrote. “I said no, as I am still not ready to let it go and I one day I will but right now they serve as a comfort.”


Her sister resorted to stealing the items instead.

When she found out that her sister had stolen her baby room items, she, understandably, went into a panic.  

“I went upstairs and noticed that Angel's door was half-opened and went in and all her toys and bassinet and clothes were gone,” the woman wrote.

“I was hysterical and rang my partner and he came home from work and helped me to calm down and then reviewed the security tape and we clearly saw my sister walking out with our baby stuff and putting it in her van and driving away.”

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Even worse still is the fact that her parents actually supported her sister and said that she was just causing unnecessary during her sister’s pregnancy.

“My parents said I had overreacted and that my pregnant sister doesn't need this stress and her husband said Angel has passed on and her staff was going to waste and my niece needed it more,” the woman wrote.

“My partner got mad and said we should go no contact with them.”

The woman called the police on her sister and she was arrested for stealing, but she is no longer sure if she did the right thing after some discussions with her family.

However, the majority of people took the woman’s side of the issue.

Everyone has their own way of dealing with trauma. Though keeping an empty room in remembrance may be seen as impractical by some, there is no price tag that can be placed on comfort and healing. 


One would also expect their family to help them cope with traumatic events, not disrupt one of the few things that bring them peace.

People took issue with this part of the story most of all, calling out her entire family for acting the way they did.

“I am so sick of people thinking they are entitled to other's things because they aren't using them or they feel they need them more,” said one user who voted “not the a**hole” (NTA).


“Your sister and parents are all a**holes.”

‘Your sister doesn't need the stress? Then she shouldn't be having a baby she and her partner can't afford or be a thief. You are grieving, you don't need the stress of having your baby's stuff that brings you comfort taken away.”

People are calling for the woman to go no contact with her family because of their actions. 


Hopefully, the woman can find peace in her life and her sister can realize the error of her ways.

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