Woman Says That She Brings Her 'Emotional Support Person' On Dates Since The World Is A 'Scary Place'

Some people believe that she is scheming to get her friend a free meal, while others argue that she has valid safety concerns.

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A woman shared her unusual dating rule that has many people scratching their heads. While she claims that the rule is for her own safety, others argue that she is attempting to scam her future dates into treating both her and a friend to a meal.

The woman says that she brings her 'emotional support' person on all of her dates since the 'world is a scary place.' 

A screenshot posted to the subreddit, "r/Tinder" depicts a woman’s profile on a dating website. According to the profile, the woman claims that her “new dating tradition” is that she brings her “emotional support person,” who is most likely a friend of hers, on all of her dates. 


Basically, she prefers “double dates.”

“The world is a scary place, so we bring our emotional support person in on dates,” the profile reads. The woman believes that bringing an emotional support person on dates is “two times the fun.”

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However, other people, including the original poster of the screenshot, do not see it that way. “Two girls, one date…I’m not even sure how this will work out,” the original poster wrote. “But I guarantee one of them is at least getting a free dinner out of it.” 

Other Redditors assumed that the woman was attempting to get a free meal for her friend. “Just get a job, you meal diggers,” one user commented. 

Others believed that it was unconventional to bring a friend along on a first date. “It would be awkward to date both of them to get to know one person,” one user wrote. 

Although others argued that the woman never implied that she and her friend wanted a free meal and that it is not entirely a bad idea to bring them along on a first date. 


“Old traditions are out, so I assume that means men aren’t expected to pay for their double date,” one user noted.

“She never implied that they wanted free dinner, just that she wanted a double date,” another added. “I kinda get bringing a friend to the initial meet up, maybe getting a drink somewhere public,” another user shared. 

The woman is not wrong for her declaration of the world being a scary place, notably for women, with 18% of them experiencing date rape at some point in their lifetime. 

More than 35% of female victims are between the ages of 18 and 24. 

It is especially important to take safety seriously, especially in the online dating world, where you most likely will not meet people face-to-face until the first date. Some people may feel more comfortable having a friend present as a precautionary measure. 


However, this does not necessarily mean that your friend has to be a part of the date. If you are meeting at a public place, they could keep a watchful eye on you from a fair distance so you and your date could privately get to know each other. 

Some people also opt to share their location with their friends before embarking on a first date to ensure that people will be aware of their whereabouts. 

If your date is open to the idea, you could even make it a double date where you both bring friends along! 


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