Woman Whose Best Friend Cheated On Her Boyfriend Says She No Longer Has A Bestie — 'Loyalty Is Loyalty To Me'

Walking away from someone you love is never easy, even if it's a necessary part of maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself.

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Any relationship, whether platonic or romantic, is bound to hit both the highest highs and lowest lows, as the two people involved work out how they want to exist for each other, and where their values lie.

One woman took to Instagram to declare her guidelines for maintaining a friendship, creating conflicting opinions in the comments section.

The woman’s best friend cheated on her boyfriend, so she said she ‘no longer has a bestie’ and cut her out of her life. 

The woman, who posts on Instagram under the username krymiariiver, announces in her bio that “Perception is power.” She follows that statement by proclaiming, “You are invincible; let me help remind you.”


In this particular reel, the woman filmed herself in bed, an incredulous expression on her face, as she said, “My bestie cheated on her man of three years, so I no longer have a bestie.”

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She ended her years-long friendship with her best friend because that woman crossed the set boundaries in her relationship with her boyfriend, stepping into infidelity.

The woman defended herself against an onslaught of opinions on her decision from strangers across the internet, claiming, “I know some people are gonna call me a bad friend, but I really don’t care.”

‘Loyalty is loyalty to me,’ the woman said, making it clear that she didn’t condone her ex-friend’s behavior. 

The woman posed the following question in regard to infidelity, as she asked, “If you’re gonna cheat on somebody you’re in a committed relationship with, what are you gonna do to me?” She utilized multiple hashtags to categorize her post, including #toxicrelationships, #toxicfriends, #healingfromnarcissisticabuse.

Woman Whose Best Friend Cheated On Her Boyfriend Says She No Longer Has A BestiePhoto: Anastasia Shuraeva / Pexels 


She offered further context to her decision in the caption, stating, “I want to have a conversation about this because it happened about a year ago but it still crosses my mind often.”

She gave a vague description of how and why she chose to end her friendship with her unfaithful best friend, saying, “She hid it from me because she knew how I would react and then she told me it was none of my business how she treats other people, as long as she’s a good friend to me.”

The woman explained that she disagreed with her friend’s assessment and stopped talking to her. She proclaimed, “I believe that's what enablers are and I don’t condone… that kind of behavior.” 

“Loyalty is loyalty to me,” she reiterated. “I want you to show it to everyone in your life, not just me, especially someone you were in a committed relationship with. I used to be the friend that stood by you through everything but my spirit never sat right with that.”


"It’s important to call people out when they’re wrong and not enable their behavior,” she concluded.

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Of course, as bystanders looking at one moment of a three-year friendship, no one outside of the situation has a full picture of what happened within it. The woman chose to declare her friendship guidelines in a public forum, garnering comments that praised her for setting her own boundaries, and others that tore her down.

The comment section beneath her post was split between people who hardline agreed with the woman.

They believe that the company a person keeps is a reflection of their values, and claimed that not cutting her friend off would be condoning cheating, or any other harmful behavior. 


One person on the other side of the moral spectrum called the woman out for upholding what they viewed as “fake self-righteousness.” They proclaimed that “cheating is bad,” then continued, stating, “It’s not even your relationship.” They called her out for her decision to “virtue signal instead of minding your own or distancing yourself from her… You unnecessarily inserted yourself.”

The person’s comment is phrased in a way to cut the woman down for her decision, yet the underlying point they’re making is somewhat valid. Her bestie’s romantic relationship is entirely separate from their friendship. 

Woman Whose Best Friend Cheated On Her Boyfriend Says She No Longer Has A BestiePhoto: Leah Kelley / Pexels 


Someone else described a kinder approach, explaining that isolating friends for their actions might not be the best route to take. As they said, “Staying friends when they make mistakes does not mean that I won’t hold them accountable for their mistakes.”

“I’m just never gonna abandon them, and maybe we can always help each other get better and grow through our mistakes,” they stated, advocating for acceptance and seeing the growth moments in struggle.

Of course, the woman has a right to end a friendship if she wants, especially if she sees it as a toxic friendship. The divided discourse from her followers highlights that walking away from someone you love is never easy, even if doing so is a necessary part of maintaining healthy boundaries for yourself.

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